Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cabin Trip Again #1

Haven't had time blogging nor blog-hopping due many things to do, so little time ha ha ha...and we had an unexpected cabin trip. At first we weren't going there 'coz R2's brother and girlfriend were supposed to go there, but then they cancelled it and I asked R2 if we could go. I wasn't sure we could go 'coz he said he probably had some gathering with his gaming buddies, but turned out we made it after all. WHOOOPPPPPPPEEEEE!!!

What's more, the weather has been SUMMERY, but the mosquitoes aren't out yet, so it was just PERFECT!!!!

When we drove to my in-laws' at around 5 pm on Friday, it was around 22'C and sunny. We played cards there and we walked to the cabin only at around 10 pm. Here are some pics taken from the area:

Walking towards the cabin:

Yeah, still some snow and ice around the lake area - that was why we had to wear boots to go there 'coz the ground was still wet and so soft in some parts (couldn't go there by car):

LOVE the clouds!!!

Zooming in on the clouds:

Me with the lake - the other side of the lake anyway:

Zooming in on the above pic:

Another one:

We warmed up sauna, ate some hamburgers and sausage, and finally went to bed at around 1 am. By the time we woke up, the sun was shining so brightly already and it was SO HOT!!! The temperature was around 27-28'C. I'll post more pics in a different blog post. Now I need to blog hop!!!


  1. OMG...lovely photos Amel.

    Btw, I just posted photos Jason and tulips. Maybe you have time to step back to my blog again :D

  2. Wow, so bright at 10pm. How many hours sunlight do you get at this time of the year?

  3. The colours in the sky and water are BEAUTIFUL.

    At the moment our sky is that bright at about 9:00 and you can still see streaks of light at midnight.

    I must admit I love this weird wonderful night light. I love driving through towns late at night in summer. It feels so strange and magical to see the sun up and everyone in bed. :-)