Sunday, May 02, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. Being back home, doing our usual routine again after a nice holiday.

2. Getting free accommodation for a week after we got news that all the flights to Finland were cancelled and we could also move all the flights to another date without any problem.

3. Hubby for helping me with the dishes and laundry.

4. One kid jumped into my arms (actually climbed into my arms) and kissed my cheek a few times and on a different day, he licked both my cheeks!!! :-D And we had fun when I twirled around a few times with him in my arms. :-D

5. Another one wanted to jump into my arms, too, so I let her. :-D What a joy to be able to hold a child in your arms! :-D

6. Reading a book for one kid yesterday and we had small chit-chats in between.

7. Being able to go to my in-laws again and spend a nice day with them.

8. Seeing the kids in their different costumes yesterday on Labour Day at the daycare. They were all SO CUTE!!! :-D Some had wings, some dressed like princesses, etc.

9. Finding cheap socks on a discount in Crete, so I bought 5 pairs 'coz I KNOW I'm going to use them all here in Finland. Each pair cost only 1 Euro and they are cute! :-D

10. Buying three novels during my holiday (two in English, one in Finnish) HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

11. Wii game night with bro-in-law and girlfriend yesterday. We played golf for a few hours and only went to sleep at around 3.30 am HA HA HA HA HA...

12. Wii eve with hubby on Thursday and then having a sauna afterwards - we laughed a lot while gaming together. We hope to continue this habit 'coz we both want to lose some weight.

13. The kids seemed to be happy playing with the sea shells I bought from Crete as a souvenir for them. :-D

14. Found yam in the supermarket and now I'm trying out my Mom's dessert recipe using yam. Hope it turns out well! ;-D


  1. what a lots of BT you had, Amel. All of them are wonderful :D

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  3. Hi Amel, glad to hear you had a lovely vacation in Crete. Fish x

  4. Aww the kids sound really sweet! At first I wanted to write that you're lucky to only have such darlings in the daycare, but then I realised that luck has nothing to do with it - it's your personality that makes them act that way!

  5. yes, I bet it is nice to be back to "normal" and being in the regular routine WITH R2. Seeing the kids and them being happy to be around you.....all that is pretty happy, I'm sure.

  6. Everybody: THANKS for your comments. :-))) Sorry I've been too busy to reply back...