Friday, May 07, 2010

Crete Diary #3: Agios Nikolaus

During the first week in Crete, we didn't visit this place, but after we got stuck there for another week, we decided to go there. Took the bus from Hersonissos to Agios Nikolaus (it took about 45-50 minutes) and it cost about 3.70 Euros per person if I remember correctly.

Here's the view of the lake in Agios Nikolaus. The water isn't as clear as the sea water around the area, but we could see LOTS and LOTS of fish down there (though it was hard to take clear pics of them due to the unclear water). While walking downstairs towards the lake, I noticed a couple smooching each other behind the trees (you couldn't see them from the lake area). I guess it was a good spot for couples to sit and enjoy the scenery.

This video doesn't do any justice to the beauty of the place. If you're planning to visit Crete, I HIGHLY recommend visiting this place. ;-D There are plenty of restaurants and cafes surrounding the lake.

Here's an unclear pic of the lake just to show you how many fish there were down there (there were also bigger fish):

This is the sea area in Agios Nikolaus (about 1.5 km away from the lake):

Here are some pics we took around Agios Nikolaus area (yeah, this area is filled with LOTS and LOTS of stairs - when we were about to go back to the bus station, we got lost and we were SO tired 'coz we had to go up and down the stairs to find our ways ha ha ha...):

Here's a view of one of the shopping streets in Agios Nikolaus:

Me and a statue...dunno who it was, though. That day the rain poured down for hours until almost midday, so that was why the sky was a bit grey and we were wearing clothes like that ha ha ha ha...the wind could be pretty cold still.

Okie dokie, now I need to prepare some food for tomorrow 'coz I've promised my MIL that I'd cook for everybody so that she can rest. After all, Sunday is Mother's Day, but we'll be celebrating it tomorrow hi hi hi...I'll blog-hop later!


  1. Hi Amel,

    You are back!!!! :D I missed you!
    It is a beautiful place indeed, and I hope you had fun.

    I little note on the side: the video width is too big for your post area (check it for yourself).

    Have a fun weekend :D.


  2. Max: Yes, I'm back! Missed you too, Max! :-D And yeah, we had fun - great weather and all he he...THANKS for letting me know...I actually realized it, but I thought it wasn't such a big deal. Maybe next time I should post the links too to make it easier for people to watch 'em he he...

    Happy weekend to you too!