Tuesday, May 25, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. The roses aren't dead! I could see some green buds since yesterday. I cut a few dead branches (that had dead leaves on them) but left all the others alone. We'll see how they grow! Blur Ting, THANKS for your advice!

2. MIL bought some raffle tickets for us all (herself, her hubby, me, R2, R2's elder brother and girlfriend) on some occasion and R2 and I won something HA HA HA HA...Coffee and a set of salt-and-pepper shakers.

3. I saw a hare outside MIL's place - too bad it was too swift for me to take a pic of it, but still it made my day! :-D

4. Heaters!!! After 7 days of "early summer" (temp. 20-28'C), spring days came back with COLD mornings and showers that made us have to turn on our heaters again. Ah...thank GOD for heaters!

5. A boy said to a girl (they are VERY good playmates at the daycare): "You're my girlfriend" and they told us about it HI HI HI HI...SO cute!!!

6. Seeing buds growing in the garden patch.

7. When on the way home from MIL's house, we stopped by next to a vast field 'coz there were swans fighting. I could only take these pics from afar (too late to capture the heated battle between two swans - they were flapping their wings while standing upright on the grass):

First pic: Click to view a bigger version. Notice the swan flying away on the right side of the pic and yes, those are reindeer at the back! These two swans who stayed on the ground managed to win (I suppose). There were at least two contenders (unfortunately I only captured one of them in the pic) 'coz it all happened too quickly.

Another one - sorry for the lack of sharpness - it was hard to get a good pic when I had to be quick and I couldn't come closer - at least the zoom helped 'coz with my old camera, I wouldn't have been able to get this pic.

8. I'm ordering a used Wii CD and I'm going to order another one 'coz we need more game varieties for our exercise day on Wednesdays (and 'coz I've found a cheap one that I think might be suitable for us). :-D

9. Having a garden to work on (a pic of us raking the dead leaves last Saturday):

10. Receiving a HUGE sack of soil, compost, and 6 pansy plants from my MIL.

11. I accidentally cut R2's hair the wrong way - but he wasn't angry. Instead he just told me to cut it all off he he he...THANK GOD for a patient hubby!

12. Playing as a horse (a standing one) and having two kids ride on my back - one at a time, of course. It was FUN and they didn't want me to stop HA HA HA...oh dear...


  1. I also cutting Jason and Raymond's hair. Saving money not to go to the barber :D

  2. Jul: That's true. R2 also doesn't want to pay to go to the barber ha ha...

    Blur Ting: YES...it's VERY VERY relaxing, too, esp when the birds are singing in the trees as well...glorious life!!!

  3. Hah! I tuened ouer heaters back on yesterday. :-D It was really hot last week, but this week we had snow on the mountains and the wind is COLD.

    I love central heating.:-))