Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wart on My Wedding Day

Yep, even though it's yucky, I'll still write it down here as a fun reminder (yeah, now I can laugh it off, even though when it happened, it was SO horrible!).

Here's the story: My husband and I got married in Bandung, Indonesia, on November 3rd, 2006. I had planned a simple holy matrimony and a simple wedding party (compared to those "normal" ones in Indo that I have explained in my earlier post last month).

Well, since Arttu only came to Bandung a few days before the wedding date, I was busy preparing everything, double-checking stuff, and making sure I took care of every little detail. I was sure that our wedding would be smooth as it was MUCH simpler than others in Indo. We only invited around 90 people and we didn't have too many plans for the D-day.

Just three weeks before the D-day, I noticed that the bottom part of my little toe (left foot) was hard. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Then I knew right away what caused it. A wart!!! I went to the pharmacy right away to buy some wart tapes. I kept on using it for a few days, wishing it'd go away ASAP. However, the wart tapes only made it worse!!! It got bigger and harder!!!

So I had no more choice than to go to a skin specialist. I did it only around 10 days before the D-day. The doctor burnt it and bandaged it and taped it and gave me a prescription. He told me to change the bandage twice a day and I had to apply some ointment on it. Oh, he also gave me antibiotics. When I was home, I began to feel the effect of the "treatment." Pain, oh, pain!!!

Naturally I began to feel a bit frustrated. I wasn't sure how long it'd take for me to heal completely. I was also ashamed if I still hadn't healed when I picked Arttu up at the airport in Jakarta. Anyway, the doctor told me to come back in a few days, so I did. Just two days beforehand, two (much) smaller warts started to grow on my middle finger (right hand). I got SOOOOO frustrated again, especially since I realized that there was NO way my toe would be totally fine on my D-day. The doctor had sliced off some parts of it. And now this?!?!?!? I asked him why it could spread that fast. He said that it was a virus that spread upon contact. Apparently when I was trying to get rid of the wart using the wart tapes, my finger must've accidentally touched on some blood. Yucky stuff indeed!!! Again the doctor bandaged and taped my middle finger. I was thinking to myself, "How on earth am I going to wear my wedding gloves when I have this bandage on????" I freaked out!!!

Gladly the warts on my middle finger were TOTALLY cured on my D-day. However, what happened to my little toe? Well, on my D-day everything went well. We had some photo shooting in and around the hotel we stayed in for the wedding night. I was doing fine until I felt something "burning" on my little toe (it was still bandaged and the skin hadn't completely grown or healed yet).

So not long after that, I told the photographers to stop taking pictures. Then Arttu and I went up to our hotel room. I checked on my toe and realized it was bleeding!!! So I changed the bandage and it was yucky!!! Mind you, I was wearing 15 cm high-heeled shoes on my wedding day. Why? Because Arttu's around 32 cm taller than me he he he...Well, other than the bleeding toe, my wedding day went SO peacefully by. ;-))))

The holy matrimony went well. I had trouble finding a translator for us, though. Gladly my brother found him just at the right moment (I think only around 2 weeks before the D-day). Both of us were nervous before the holy matrimony as it was the most sacred part of the whole marriage thing for us. Besides, we didn't like being in the spotlight and we knew there'd be my relatives and friends watching me from the pews. However, funny thing was that just as we were about to exchange vows, nothing else mattered. We didn't even felt "watched" by the congregation. It was just between me and him. Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!

Well, now I'm rambling he he...back to the yucky wart then. Two days after we got married, we went on our honeymoon to Bali. Even then I still had to change my bandage twice a day. The wart only healed completely a month after our wedding day. Crazy indeed!!! But I guess no marriage is complete without "warts" (in whichever form they may be). LOL!!!

P.S. Now I wonder what date we should use as our anniversary date. I mean, we did get married in November 2006, but we only started living together in March 2007. Hmmm...tricky...or should we celebrate both dates? LOL!!!


  1. poor you! ouch.

    We had a fair share of crazy stuff around our wedding day too. Looking back now it seems funny, but there were moments..

    The restaurant we booked for after the wedding accidentally double-booked and cancelled us.. a WEEK BEFORE the wedding! We had to find a new place fast. It was insane, but we did it.

    If I was you I'd celebrate both dates. I wish we had a different date ourselves!

    We married in January, which was glorious summer in South Africa, but now in Scotland that is middle of winter. So every year no-one wants to go out to celebrate our anniversary because it's so cold. :-\

  2. I guess weddings are always hectic no matter how "simple" we plan them to be. Weddings, oh, weddings he he he...

    Oh dear, your wedding story is CRAZY!!! Gladly you could find a new place on time. Phew!!!

    Too bad about your anniversary. :-((( I don't know yet what we'll do on our anniversary. We'll see what we can come up with. ;-)))

  3. My mother sells her warts for a penny to her sister (my aunt), and they go away. When my aunt gets them, she sells them back to my mother.

  4. Hi, Clare!!!

    WOW, really??? That's funny. :-)))