Friday, May 24, 2013

3BT: Random Days

1. It took a wooden splinter in my ankle and a sore back to remind me of how amazingly the body works when it's fully well. That it takes so many muscles to move without pain when you try to get up from a lying down position and when you try to move around and change your positions. And the piece of wooden splinter reminds me of the fact that my body is still able to send me an "alarm" when something foreign is entering my body.

2. Yesterday hubby and I visited a couple of animals in captive, namely bears, a sleepy fox, and a lynx. I took some videos, but they have to wait until later. :-D Btw, I fell in love with the gorgeous lynx. :-D

3. We did go bowling and it was fun. :-D My first time ever!!! And I even accidentally scored a strike!!!! YEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!! :-D

4. Mirrow-like surfaces. They always take my breath away.

5. My Mom's going to visit some relatives with her sister and nieces. Glad to know she's going to have fun with them. :-D

6. Hot ginger-orange flavoured tea on a cool day. Mmmmmmmmm...

7. Getting along well with not only parents-in-laws but also BIL and SIL is a blessing. :-D


  1. lovely lists, Amel. I did play one time bowling but only around 5 minutes maybe :D the rest Jason continue ^___* it was because of Matthew keep asking my attention hi hi hi... after few years, i will try play bowling too like you :D

    1. Yeah, you'll have time later on to try it out. :-)

  2. it's coincidental that you got a wood splinter (they call them "slivers" in the US) I had one in my finger 2 months ago. Then I thought I got it all out, but there was a piece that stayed in my finger for about a month and finally when I was visiting my brother, I got the antiseptic, needle out and poked and prodded until I finally got the darn thing out !

    1. Oh, it's called slivers? THANKS for letting me know. :-) Actually it didn't stay for long, but it penetrated the skin enough to make me feel some pain. At first I thought it was a bruise, but when I took off my socks, voila!!!

      I've also got a sliver on my finger once and I asked R2 to get rid of it using a needle. Not a great experience!