Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meet Elvis the Lynx!

During our trip to Kuusamo, we visited Kuusamo Predator Centre (click on the link to view the website - they also have photos and links to video clips of the animals). The centre has reindeer, lynxes, bears, and a fox. It has also web cams in different areas, so you are able to view the animals activities from within their cages. When we waited for our guide to take us around, we watched video clips of the animals from inside the coffee shop. It was fun to watch two bear cubs playing around in the yard!!! :-D :-D :-D

Anyway, if I remember correctly the centre used to be government funded, but nowadays not anymore. Here's a video clip of the lynx I fell in love with ha ha ha ha ha...Yes, I'm a cat person indeed!!! I've added annotations so that you can read some info, but you'd better watch it in a bigger version of the clip 'coz the text is kinda small. Enjoy!!!

P.S. I wanted to take clear pics of the lynx, but it was impossible 'coz we weren't allowed to be too near the cage (not near enough for me to be able to squeeze my camera lenses in between the cage wires to take a clear shot of it - thus I opted to just take a video clip of it). The reason was that the lynx would either be aggressive enough to claw us or it'd pee on us. Not a very good idea ha ha ha... 

P.P.S. LOVE our guide! :-D She was very informative and it's clear that she loves the animals living there. :-D


  1. That's a strong looking lynx. I get a kick out of what you said about getting too close, b/c I had no idea that they would pee on a person.

    1. Yeah, I didn't know that, either he he he...he's just so gorgeous - gorgeous enough for me to want to pet him LOL!!!