Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Online Persona

Every now and then I get a bit worried about what other people perceive as my "persona" through my blogs. I remember when I met one blogger friend, she told me afterwards that she had expected me to laugh more "loudly" and more often like my writing style in my blog posts, 'coz I write "HA HA HA HA HA..." a lot he he he he he...---> see? :-D

In real life I'm not like that, though of course it depends on  the occasion and who you are to me. I think maybe in the blogosphere I'm more free to "unleash" my inner child, the persona that is available to those people who're very close to me. In real life when I meet strangers I'm more reserved, whereas I've been told of how "warm" and "happy-go-lucky" I seem to be as my blogger persona.

I remember one person once commented that it didn't cross her mind that I could be cranky (when I wrote in that particular blog post that I had been cranky). Oh, Arttu has often seen my cranky side (poor honey!), but he's bared each and every episode like a trooper he he he he he....Bless him!!!

One of Arttu's acquaintances once told me that I seemed to be wary when I met new people (he said he didn't know if it had to do with Indo culture or if it was just my personality), that I didn't let people in too quickly/too close. Well, that was probably also 'coz we met in a bar when hubby and his brother wanted to hang out there a few years back, so of course I was wary about meeting people there 'coz I didn't want strangers touching me while they were drunk, even if the strangers were my hubby's acquaintances (for example). Not that anyone was touching me, mind you, but let's just say that I was more wary of meeting people in a bar versus meeting them in a family party for example.

I was far more reserved when I was in Indo, but after moving to Finland I've learnt to be more open and more active in talking to people (things I wouldn't have dreamed of doing back in Indo). Probably because I do feel more need to build my "web of relations" here compared to when I was in Indo. In fact, I think in the beginning I was SO desperate, esp. when I was staying at home most of the time. Thus began the very active blogging period he he he he he he...I remember during that time I could write three or more posts within a day LOL!!!!

Anyway, I know that people probably know that there is a difference (or differences) between online images versus real life images, because after all what you see is only a small part of a person's life, but I guess I just want to talk about this matter anyway once and for all he he he...and I do try to incorporate as many sides of me as possible in my blog posts, though I think I tend to separate my infertility posts in my other blog because it's more practical that way. I find that the readers of this blog aren't the same as the readers of my infertility blog, so you may find other aspects of myself in that blog compared to this one.

introvert alert!

I'm jumping towards a different topic's about my benign vertigo. Two days ago R2 bought me a pair of Sea Bands (anti motion sickness bands) and I tried them at home. They helped me in stopping the nausea, though I still felt some dizziness (still feel some dizziness until now).

Yesterday at work I wore them all the time and I did feel more dizziness while being at the cashier 'coz I had to move around my head more often, but at least no nausea and I could survive until the end of my shift. Phew!!! :-D And I'm SO THANKFUL that the training that I was scheduled for next week is postponed (just found out about it yesterday). I was rather worried about it due to condition and a rather hectic schedule if the training wasn't postponed. THANK GOD!!! :-D


  1. I like your writing styles but sometimes (for the truth) I don't understand everything because my English is not too good like yours :((

    1. It's OK, Jul, THANKS for having been a regular reader and commenter anyway. :-)

  2. Benign vertigo? wow... My sister has a condition called Meniere's disease, which sounds somewhat similar - she has issues with her inner ear and it can make her nauseous and dizzy. The good news for her is that it is completely manageable with medication. I am glad to hear that the sea bands are helping you, but if you are still struggling then I'd recommend going back to a doctor, as it can be pretty miserable to live with nausea (and dangerous to live with dizziness - before my sister was diagnosed, she fell one time and found that she couldn't get up again because the dizziness was so severe, and it was just really lucky someone else was home that morning!)

    1. Oh, I've read about Meniere's disease as well. And yeah, it's very annoying to have this condition but the doc didn't give me any medication. I can't say I'm cured yet, because yesterday it happened again. Ugh...I'm still confused as to what may trigger it. :-(((( I'm glad your sister's medication helps and that she was fine even though she fell down that day. Phew!!! It can be really severe for me sometimes out of nowhere and it is scary.