Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Childhood Imagination

The other day I started this topic in MyLot: Childhood Imagination: How creative was your brain? Did you have any imaginary friend? Any other creative ideas that your mind created when you were a kid?

I've seen many movies where kids have imaginary friends. It makes me wonder how creative our brains were when we were kids. I never had an imaginary friend, but I used to love sitting in front of my Mom's dressing table mirror and imagined that there was my other self in the mirror world. She looked just like me but we lived in different worlds. She lived in a mirror world. I used to imagine talking to her and she'd reply to me. It was sort of like an inner conversation, but my mind turned it into a two-way conversation between me and my other self in the mirror. I never named her, though. All I knew was that I was having fun talking to her ha ha ha ha...I used to start talking by asking her about her day and her life he he he...I imagined her to have a different personality. (Almost forgot to add: I think I imagined all this when I was about 7-10 years old)

In the discussion that followed, I found some interesting things:

1. One person said that she didn't have an imaginary friend, but she had a guardian angel. And the guardian angel saved her from a lot of trouble.

2. Another person wanted to have a sister so much so that she created one. She created her to be her twin sister and they'd share everything and talk about their love life, etc.

3. Another person imagined there was another world inside his closet.

4. Another person was made to believe that there were tiny people under the house, talking to her spoons and forks, so she left some food so that she could befriend those people.

5. Another one had an imaginary younger brother. Since he is the youngest, so he always wants to have a younger brother.

6. Another person had seen a young girl talking to the walls and to everywhere, to an unseen person. At first she thought the girl was some sort of weird girl, but turned out she excelled at school.

So, 'fess up, my friends...what did you imagine when you were kids? He he he he...


  1. I didn't have any imaginary friends. I guess I was too busy playing with my brothers and neighbours.

  2. Hi, Blur!

    Ahhhh...that's GREAT too...having lots of brothers and neighbours to play with he he...;-D

  3. I don't think I ever had an imaginary friend, but when I was about 12, starting into junior high school, I wished for a boyfriend. So, I made up an imaginary boyfriend, and I gave him a name and told my parents and sisters all about him, how he carried my books for me at school. They believed me! I let it go on for a few weeks and finally told them I made it all up. My sister still teases me and laughs about "Jim Seed".

  4. Hi, Kathy!

    THANKS for sharing! Oh yeah, actually I made up a boyfriend myself once in Junior High School. I told my friends that I had a boyfriend, a Peruvian boy ha ha ha ha ha...His name was NN hi hi hi hi...Oh funny!

    So you told your parents and sister? No wonder your sister still teases you he he...I never told my parents, though I'm sure my close friends thought I was crazy or something back then hi hi...

  5. Oh no no no I lack imagination big time. I can't even imagine myself being a superhero, so there you go...

  6. Mother Hen: Really? I thought of all people, you'd be one of those with very active imagination he he he he...

  7. I still have imaginary friends...along with my real-life ones. One can never have too many friends and supporters.

  8. Hi Jean,

    THX for dropping by! You still have imaginary friendSSSS? More than one? WOW! Such an active imagination! Yes, you're right that one can't have too many supporters and friends he he he...

  9. I never had any imaginary friends. I think I may have been to shy to have one. HE HE I was having a hard enough time trying to make real ones.HE HE I would have probably been to shy to talk to them any ways.HE HE HE :)

  10. Hi, Sindi!

    He he he...that's okay. Funny thing is that if you didn't tell me that you were shy, I wouldn't think that you were like that when you were young. You just seem to be such a bubbly, fun, funny personality to me! ;-D

  11. Amel,
    Thanks for seeing me that way. It has taken me a lot of years to get over my shyness. I was always afraid of what people thought of me. I still have that problem come up now but I have trained myself to react differently to it. I would hide from people before and now I stand tall and push through. I also carry a good luck charm that helps me through a lot of my fears. I carry a charm bracelet that has the names of all my friends on it. Maybe sometime I will write a blog about it and add a picture. HE HE God Bless:)

  12. Hi, Sindi!

    Yeah, I can imagine that. I used to be a very shy and introverted person myself. It took me years before I could open up to my closest friends.

    A good luck charm? That sounds LOVELY! Sure I'd love to read about it someday and see it. God bless you too and thank GOD for WONDERFUL friends!!! ;-D

  13. I had an imaginary horse with wings as a very little kid. I think I must have seen pictures of Pegasus somewhere and liked the idea. :-)

  14. Hi, M!

    Pegasus, eh? I LOVE them, too!!! I've always been fascinated by them. ;-D