Friday, July 10, 2009

3BT: Random Days

1. When my cold hand accidentally touched hubby's bare back last night when we went to bed, he shrieked in surprise, but didn't get angry. Instead, after realizing that my hand was cold, he grabbed it gently with his hand and he pressed it onto his super warm back. I don't need diamonds or expensive gifts to show your love, just keep on treating me this way for the rest of my life...

2. Being able to see my brother, Ken, my bro's wife, and Mom through webcam.

3. Fresh cold blended mixture of apple, strawberries, and bananas (a litre of it). Yum yum...

4. Having a very positive mother who always encourages me and supports me.

5. Memoriesssss...beautiful memoriessss...let me also share here some old pics of me and my friends...Looking at these photos took me back to those beautiful moments spent with my friends.

First pic: I was around 15 years old. It was probably taken in 1993.

I forgot when this one was taken. Probably around 1998 or 1999. So at least 10 years ago.

This one was taken on my friend's farewell party before she flew to Holland. September 2003.

This last one was a pic of me and my ex-campus friends in 2004 when one of them visited Bandung again after having lived in USA for a few years.


  1. I hope you have lots of good friends in Finland so you don't have to miss your old friends and family in Indo so much.

    It's such a fortune to have family and friends! Also blogging friends :)

  2. on the 1st picture where you're 15, I don't know which one is you (hope that isn't a dumb question).

  3. Rita: Don't worry!!! I've got some friends in Finland and I'm still in touch regularly with my old friends in Indo. :-)))) And you're right about having family, friends, and blogging friends! :-D They're my treasure! :-D

    Vince: No, it's not a dumb question he he...I'm standing on the right, the one with the flowery shirt and red belt hi hi hi...

  4. We love webcam isn't it. Makes everything more close for us ;)

    You bring all your photos when you were move to Finland isn't it. I don't bring too much. Lovely memories photos, Amel.

  5. What great pictures and memories.

    I love your hand story. You're both so lucky have all that love between you.

  6. Yeah, all the happy memories with friends are precious.

  7. Jul: Yeah, webcam is a cool gadget! No, I didn't bring all my photos, just the important ones. Would be too heavy if I brought them all here, but next time I go to Indo again, I'm planning to bring more pics here HE HE HE...

    The World According to Me: THANKSSSS!!! I hope we can nurture this love for as long as we both shall live...

    Mother Hen: Yep! :-D

  8. You have beautiful friends!

  9. Oh my! Loving the old photos! I see Natalia everywhere! haha..she is too cute! Can't figure out which one you are though..sorry =(

  10. It's nice to grow up with a group of close girlfriends!

  11. Nancy: Yes, I do! :-))))

    Michelle: THANKS! :-D

    Shinta: HA HA HA worries that you can't spot me he he...

    Blur Ting: Yep, it does. :-))))

  12. Ahh... I love browsing through old pictures, bring back warm memories... :) I can recognize you in every picture because your face didn't change much hehehe...