Sunday, July 26, 2009

Short Update + 3BT Random Days

1. First harvest of the strawberries - didn't get too many, but still it was exciting!!!

2. Eating the fresh strawberries on such a HOT day (around 25-27'C). Oh my heavenly!!!

3. Hearing a colleague speaks to her child on the phone and saying "Rakastan sinua" (I love you).

4. A smiling, friendly colleague.

5. Laughing at the irony when hearing one person at work saying to me, "You should eat more. Take some bread, won't you and get yourself fattened up a bit" whereas my aunt in Indo tells my Mom that I've gained weight (based on my recent pics).

6. Zumbaaaaaaaaa cardio workout. It's fun (though hard to follow in some parts), but it's a nice change after doing Taebo for over 2 years.

7. Toying with the idea of going back to Indo this November (read the notes below this 3BT post for further info). I can just imagine eating all the glorious food and meeting my family and friends again...and I bet at that time Ken either will have been walking already or he'll be learning to walk already. I'd love to play with Ken!!!

8. Having a hubby who's not fussy even though I'm not a really diligent house cleaner.

9. Knowing that I was tired from cleaning the hotel rooms for hours on Saturday, hubby washed the dishes and cleaned up some other parts of the apartment without being asked. Ahhh...I feel loved!!!

10. When talking to hubby about the possibility of my going back to Indo and asking him if it'd be okay if I stay there for a month, he asked, "Do you have to be there that long?" :-D

11. Despite our being cranky due to fatigue on Friday, we didn't get into any fights (didn't lash out on each other) and we managed to control ourselves.

12. Giggling like crazy when reminiscing about the movies/series I grew up with (I'm going to share this with you later on sometimes - have to compile it first).

13. Getting my food package from YIIIPPPPIEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Now I have so many ingredients that I could never find from any of the stores here. YAHHHOOOOOO!!!!

14. Getting good advice on my training period from Karen. THANKS SO MUCH for listening to me and giving me valuable advice!!!!

Since I haven't much time to separate my posts, let me just write here a short update about my training. It seems that my boss wants me to help out the hotel cleaner for the whole of next week, so I have to go to work at 7 am already. It doesn't matter 'coz it means I can go back home earlier. What surprised me was that she told me that if I could handle it, I would then be doing the whole cleaning thing ALONE while the official hotel cleaner is on her summer holiday later.

I was rather shocked, 'coz when I came to do this training, I was expecting them to teach me more of the office work instead of cleaning. Granted it's not a huge hotel, but I don't think I can manage doing it ALONE EVERY DAY for at least 4 weeks (remember that I'm not getting any salary, just some unemployment benefit). My boss did say that if I didn't think I could handle it, I should just tell her. So I'm planning to tell her that sometime next week after I know how sore my body'll feel like. (side note: at least one good thing of doing this cleaning thingie is that I HOPE I can lose some weight 'coz I've gained 5 kgs since I moved here he he he...)

To be honest, I had been thinking of going back to Indo since a few months ago, but since this opportunity came (at that time I THOUGHT I could get an office job after this training ends), I decided not to think of going back to Indo...but now...I'm not sure anymore. I did get some editing job at the office, but right now it seems that I'll be doing the hotel cleaning for at least 5 more weeks (hopefully NOT alone 'coz I can't guarantee that I can handle it alone). Though I can see already that there's so much office work to do, still they didn't give me any more than the editing job (which would be finished soon).

That's why I've been browsing for plane tickets to Indo. The more I think of going back to Indo, the more I couldn't care less about whether or not they'd offer me a job here later or not (esp. 'coz it'd be FAR easier for me to fly to Indo now when I have no kids 'coz it's such a long trip; plus R2 can't come with me if I go to Indo in November). It doesn't seem that they'd offer me a job, anyway (or not the kind of job I expect). I haven't really decided yet, but in a week or two I have to decide so that I can get the ticket with the cheapest price available. OK, now time to cook and blog-hop a bit later on...


  1. Heavens those strawberries are ENORMOUS!

    Zumbaaa... Oh yeah, It looks good on TV. Did you order the cd online or do you actually go someplace to do it?

  2. STRAWBERRIES!!! YUM!!! They look yummy! =) Hope you get the kind of job you want! I am also still looking for a job I know the feeling! =D

    Thanks for the website of toko indonesia. I shall check it out soon. hehe =)

  3. Hallos,

    It was nice chatting with you. Happy to help you if I could.

    Plan that Indonesian trip! I am sure you would have fun meeting up with all your friends!

  4. I think you miss home. But you're right. The best time to go back is now, before the kids arrive. Hubby can take care of himself while you're away. You don't have kids and pets to worry about. And your family will be so happy to see you!

  5. Oh, I hope you won't be doing all the cleaning alone... Tell them as soon as possible otherwise they'll take advantage of you, buddy. Traveling alone sounds adventurous. :D If R2 is okay with it, go for it... O'yes! How could I miss to say something about the strawberries!! Yum yum!!! Haha...

  6. uups, I think the hotel is using you!

    I've heard so many similar stories... employer saves money by "training", don't need to pay salary!

  7. I love strawberries. My daughter, Bri, will eat a huge plastic pack of them!!
    It's been a strange summer here in Illinois b/c it's one of the coolest summers we have had on record (much like 2004). We have had only 1 day that it's been over 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
    I hope you are able to get a good tickets deal going to Indo!

  8. Hey Amel, I sent an email to your yahoo account. =) Thanks!!!