Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Photos

Before I start, I just want to let you know that I signed the training contract today, though there were no dates or how many hours per day/week on it. I asked her about it, but she said that she'd add them later. Weird. Had it been a real job contract, I wouldn't have signed it without knowing my working hours, but since it's only a training contract, if there's something wrong on the paper, I'm sure the unemployment office won't accept it. Before I can start, the unemployment office must accept it first and then send me a copy of it, but I THINK I may start the training next week for around 3 months. So I'm gonna be busy again! :-D

On Saturday we helped my in-laws cover the strawberry field with a net. While doing so, a hare scurried away from one of the corners. It jumped so faasssttttt to the neighbour's field ha ha ha...

Here are the pics...

Next pic: FIL was putting some poles so that it'd make it easier for us to pick the strawberries later on.

Next pic: Notice the yellow clip on the net? Yeah...MIL, R2, and R2's brother had to put clips on the net all around the field to make sure that it stayed there.

Here are some other things that my MIL has grown.

Below is a pic of ruohosipuli or chives. The greenery next to it was the place where we planted potatoes a while back.

A close-up pic of the flower he he...

Next pic: I have NO idea what flower this is, but it's VERY tiny he he he...

A close-up pic of the flowers in the above pic:

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE these Tiger Liliesssss...every year I'm tempted to take pics of them he he he he...

OK, time for me to blog-hop...


  1. Congrat for the contract, Amel. Lovely flowers shots ^__^

  2. The tiny flowers - do they smell great? They look like lavender to me.

    And my chives are so tiny in comparison to yours.

  3. Love your pics! I've always wanted to know how to plant onions! =D And the yellow flower, we have them here. Faroe's national flower! haha..I think Daisies should be the Faroe's national flower..hehe.. =)

  4. Yes, the purple one looks like lavender. I am amazed at how the well the chives and strawberry are growing! I have been trying to grow chive but have not been successful.

  5. Good God! The size of those strawberry fields! Ours is just one row :)

    What fantastic pictures! The one of you lying in the buttercups is really sweet.

    A blog award for you on my blog today...

    Oh, congratulations on the training job!

  6. Jul: THANKS!!! :-))))

    Mother Hen: Well, my MIL and FIL used to be farmers he he...

    Shinta: I didn't know how MIL did it 'coz I didn't see her do it.

    Blur Ting: So I guess it is lavender then. :-)))) Yep, my in-laws used to be farmers and they used to have cows even! :-))))

    Rita: So those flowers are buttercups? THANKS for telling me...I don't know many names of flowers except just a few he he...

    A blog award for me? THANKS in advance!!! :-))) And yeah, I just hope they tell me soon when I start my training 'coz I have nooooo idea what time and when.

  7. Yeah, me too! I won't sign my employment contract blindly, but since it's only a training contract, I think the working hours can be amended later. Hope you will have a fun and fruitful time during your training, Amel. :)

    Love the farm, ever since I've been playing the farm town apps, I'm kind of excited when hearing about farming hahahaa...