Thursday, July 16, 2009

Infertility Myths

Before I start this post, I just want to let you know that I've finally received the copy of my training contract. I'll start on Monday and it ends on October 19, 2009. I'll be working for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (at least she said in the beginning it'd be 5 days a week - well, if they ask me to do overtime, I'm going to demand compensation in terms of taking some time off 'coz they're not paying me any salary). So I'll be so busy after next week he he...Oh yeah, my job includes cleaning the hotel and office work.

OK, now on to the infertility thingie (mind you that a couple is considered infertile after trying for a year). Yesterday went by bike to the health care centre in the morning after fasting for 12 hours (I brought some chocolate to eat after the test was done). They took 4 vials of my blood. I think they also took some blood to determine whether I was diabetic or not ('coz I told the doc that I'd never taken that kind of test before). We'll see how it goes. I think they want to determine my hormone levels by taking my blood.

I'm rather tired of meeting old school friends in Facebook and hearing some of them them say, "Come on and have a baby soon" whenever I tell them that their kids look cute (as if having a kid is solely based on their efforts). Not that I misunderstand their good will in wanting us to feel the joy of parenthood 'coz they've felt it...but still after hearing it again and again and again, it just feels like hearing a broken I decide to write this post.

Let me take some excerpts from Infertility Myths article:


“We are in control of our reproductive lives. We can determine when, where, and how we will conceive and give birth.”

God gives us wonderful freedom to make many choices, but we must never forget that ultimately we are not in control of our reproductive lives. God is. “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain . . . Sons are a heritage from the Lord . . . “ (Psalm 127 NIV).


“Infertility is caused by stress. Try to relax. Take a vacation or a cruise.”

Infertility is seldom the result of psychological factors. In 90 percent of all infertility cases, infertility specialists are able to determine a physical problem. According to Resolve, the national infertility support organization, “Psychological stress is more likely a result of infertility than the cause.”

On the other hand, I totally appreciate all the effort and support I've received until now. If any one of you wants to read this long article, I've also found a great one here:


  1. Firstly, congratulations with the contract.
    Secondly, sorry I have missed some of your posts and I'm sorry to hear you've had to have some tests. Hang in there, be strong and try not to stress. Take care. x

  2. The World According to Me: No worries, Nikki! I just needed to vent. THANKS for the support, btw! :-))))

  3. Yes, hang in there. You've got a great hubby, enjoy each other's company in the meantime ok.

  4. Blur Ting: THANKS for your support, Ting! :-)))

  5. jangan putus asa, amel..... i have 2 friends who waited for a baby for more than 1 year. But with the help of gyn specialist, now they have a cute daughter.. Just follow their instruction... good luck....:) btw, congrat for ur contract :)

  6. Jeanne: THANKS for your support! Aku cuma lagi pengen venting out aja kemaren ini he he he...

  7. emang kalo ketemu temen lama di facebook, pertanyaan, kamu udah married, skrg kamu di mana, anaknya sudah berapa? itu pertanyaan standard deh hehehe :)

  8. "mind you that a couple is considered infertile after trying for a year" Wow, I didn't know that. I read many interesting facts re infertility whilst going through your post. Thanks,

    Congrats on your training contract and good luck!

  9. you know there is strength and beauty in your humility and honesty in this post. i have been blessed, with children, and it took a really long time for this to happen. but as an addict in recovery there is one sad truth, i am never satisfied. i have 3 beautiful girls. i want a boy and i am 36 years old right now and cannot conceive any time soon. there are too many health factors. so this has been a struggle. what i have learned with every struggle in recovery is this. no matter what the question, struggle or anything going on in my life the answer always begins with surrender, and acceptance. so today i am not filled with the fear of what if i cannot give birth, i know it probably sounds easy already being a mother and it is not the same as what you are talking about, but i know we have talked about it and we have shared our feelings together, my honey and i and we have decided that we do want more children, and if it is too late, biologically, we will adopt. you are a very special lady, your thoughts provoke me to share. thank you for sharing this with us out in cyber space.

  10. Jeanne: Ditanya udah punya anak berapa sih ga papa, udah biasa...tapi seringkali kalo pada pajang foto anak2nya trus kubilang "so cute", langsung pada ribut "Makanya buruan geura punya anak"...heuleuh...lama2 bosen juga dengernya da bukannya belum pengen, tapi belum bisa hamil.

    La Delirante: Glad you enjoyed this post despite the tone he he he...THANKS for your support about my training!

    Clean and Crazy: THANKS for visiting me and sharing your story with me. I'm 30 going on 31, so you probably know why I start to get "baby fever" or whatever you may call it he he he...

    I feel that I've done "everything right" - exercising 2X a week, taking multivitamins with folic acid every day, etc. etc. but if God says no or not yet, there's nothing I can do about it.

    Surrender is a process. I'm not sure I'm quite there yet when it comes to baby making 'coz I still want to try for a while...but in the end I hope God will give me serenity to accept the things I can't change. Life goes on with or without children.