Thursday, July 02, 2009

Trip to Rhodes: Kamiros + Profitis Ilias

Went to the office today to ask about my training contract, but nobody was there. I'm gonna try again later in the afternoon. I also decided to ride my bike to the health centre 'coz on 14.07 I have to go there by bike for a check-up with my gyno (preliminary check-up to determine why I haven't been able to get pregnant yet). I forgot the road there already, but at last I found it. I had to go there today to find out how much time I needed to go there before the appointed time he he...Don't wanna be late!!! :-)))

OK, now let's continue with my Rhodes trip's journal. One day we rented an ATV to go to Kamiros. We didn't know what was there, but it was marked on the map as a tourist attraction. The cost to rent the ATV was €20-25 a day and there are different rules for different companies. The first company we went to, we only had to pay €20 - we could bring back the ATV the next morning 'coz we only started renting it at around 11 am. The second company we went to, we had to pay €25 - but they wanted us to return it to them at 7 pm (rental time was 9 am - 7 pm no matter how late we rented it). If we returned it late, we had to pay a penalty per hour and if we returned it later than 8 pm, we had to pay an extra €5 for insurance. So of course we liked the first rental company more than the second one ha ha ha...

Anyway, the rental owner told us how to go to Kamiros and we arrived there in about one hour. Yep, it's not that close from Faliraki.

We took some short video clips of Kamiros, separated in 3 segments: the view behind the hill from the top of Kamiros, then the view of Ancient Kamiros from the hill, and the view of Ancient Kamiros from the bottom of the hill.

After that we went to Profitis Ilias monastery (an abandoned monastery). It also took at least an hour to get there 'coz it's located on top of the mountain. The road there was winding and as usual, there were no railings. One time while we were riding up with our ATV, a big tour bus was coming down the winding road...and there was barely much space left for us. It was rather scaryyyy!!! It was when we were coming down this mountainous road that we saw the black snake that I mentioned in my other post.

First pic: We stopped to check the map. Look at that mountain! We had to get up there. Still a LOOOONGGGGGGGG way to go!!!!!!!

Anyway, now let me share the pics and a short video clip from the top of the monastery. When we finally got there, we were confused where to go. There were no entrances, no ticket booths, just some road sign that we had arrived there. So we just walked up the steps 'coz we saw two buildings up there.

This is the first building that we saw:

This next pic is taken nearby Profitis Ilias monastery:

This is the second one: not a very good picture, but you can see how high it is judging from the view down there.

We entered the building on the above picture and took this video clip (we found lots and lots of goat poo inside the building as well as signs of vandalism - such a pity!):

After watching the video clip, can't you imagine how beautiful it must've been when the monastery was still used? No wonder they built one on such a high ground (plus it was cool there 'coz there were so many trees). I was awestruck when I saw this view (the video clip doesn't do enough justice to the real view!!!).

Anyway, when we came back down again we found two cages of animals. Here they are:

Next pic: This llama sneezed right after R2 took the pic. Maybe it didn't like the fact that its picture was taken HA HA HA HA HA...

Of course after such a long journey (from Kamiros to Profitis Ilias), we got tired. We spotted this beautiful building across the street from the cages, so we went there to have a drink. I just love this place. You can also see the view down the mountain from the windows on the left side of this picture.

OK, enough for now. If the video clips don't start yet, maybe they're still being uploaded, so just try again next time, OK? Hope you enjoy this post!


  1. I sent a link to your blog to an acquaintance who went to Rhodes on his holiday two months ago. He loved looking at your pictures :)

  2. Hope you have good news on your training contract & advise from your gynae. I see that you are keen to have a bb now. All the best, Amel :)

  3. Nice photography man .. kewl posting :)

  4. This buldings and a large house on top of Profitis Ilias was made by italian for Musolini during second world war !!!