Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adjusting to Training

Hi, fellas! I've been pretty tired these past two days. As a matter of fact, I'm going to take a nap soon after publishing this post. I'm gonna catch up with you people this weekend, OK? After my nice holiday in Rhodes and being at home for a month, I need time to adjust with this 8-hour work schedule.

The first day at work I did a 5-hour cleaning job of the hotel (there was a short break in between and also a lunch break) and after that I was told to read the company's brochure. After I was done reading the brochure, I had nothing else to do. So it was a bit boring at the end of the day.

I thought I was going to have some physical pain today from the cleaning job, but nothing except the fact that I hit the sack at around 9.45 pm already (I fell asleep in just a few seconds - at least it felt like it HA HA HA...). On second thought, maybe it didn't hurt at all 'coz I mostly dusted instead of changing the sheets and other stuff.

Today was a MUCH MORE interesting workday as I got to edit some travel brochures and also check the typos and check the prices and everything else to make them look good and helpful for the customers. There are some missing info, which I've told the boss, so I'm not done doing this yet.

Not sure why (I'm not on my PMS, just finished my period), but I'm TOTALLY WHACKED. Just want to sleeeppppp for 12 hours hi hi hi hi...Hubby teased me by singing, "Sleepyhead, sleepyheaddd...you are a sleepyhead..."

So this sleepyhead is going to sleep now. Just wanna let you know how it goes. Oh, yeah, I'm sure there'll be more cleaning days later on when the main worker there gets a long summer holiday. At least it'll be good for my program to lose some weight. I've gained 6 kgs since I moved to Finland 2 years and 4 months ago and so far I've lost one kg. Don't wanna gain more weight 'coz that means I have to buy new clothes - I'd rather save money to buy a plane ticket to Indo rather than buy new clothes he he...

OK, nap time!!! Take care, everybody! Until this weekend!


  1. Good to be busy but not nice to be totally whacked :) Let's hope it gets easier as time goes by.

    I had a summer job as a chambre maid in a London hotel when I was 20 so I know a little about the things you mentioned on your post.

    So it's a hotel you work in?

  2. Amel, you got a temp job? All the best !! :)

  3. what's time you took a nap ? i can't sleep so easy as you..... only in the night, after the whole day hard work,i'll sleep as a baby hahaha :)

  4. Don't worry about being sleepy. I get that from time to time too!

  5. Haha... yeah, save those cash for traveling. :D I think it's because of the weather that makes you feel sleepy easily (??) Anyway, take a good rest and hope your training will be fun and valuable. :)