Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rhodes Trip: Epta Piges, Filerimos, Butterfly Park

I think I'm having a writer's block 'coz I don't know what to say in my blog. Yesterday I wanted to write something, but nothing came out he he he...I guess my mind must be in "silent mode" HA HA HA HA...

Anyway, let me share some more pictures from Rhodes again, shall we?

Epta Piges is also called The Valley of 7 Springs, though we couldn't find all 7 of them. It was too tiring already 'coz the road going there was so rough. Without knowing (due to the unclear road signs), we followed the fastest road there, which turned out to be so tough to handle. It was very rocky and winding and narrow. Thank goodness we hired an ATV, so it was pretty solid to travel through such terrain. But still I had to grab hard on the back of my seat so that I wouldn't be thrown away. When we reached the place (at last), we realized that there was a main road that we could go through (a nice asphalt road). Bugger!!!

Anyway, on the way there we saw a few tourists WALKING through the rough, narrow, rocky road towards the 7 Springs. It took us about an hour by ATV to reach the place in the heat...I can't imagine how long it took them to walk there. Gee...and there were no suitable places to rest in between, either.

Next pic: One of the springs we found there (we only found 4 springs and then we decided to go to the next place to visit since we were tired already). We saw a tourist jump into this spring and swim there. A tourist guide told us that there are two springs where you can swim in - one is the spring of youth and the other one is the exact opposite. Though we had worn our bathing suit, we didn't swim 'coz we didn't know if we were allowed to do so or not. Besides, we went to Tsambika Beach to swim after leaving this place he he...

Saw these lovely creatures in the area near the first spring we found (the area where we found a restaurant).

Okay, now let's move on to Filerimos. Filerimos is again located on the mountain and there's Ialyssos ancient city nearby. In Filerimos there are many artwork depicting Jesus' journey to Golgota. Here's one of them...there are at least a dozen of these on a long stretch of path...

At the end of the long Golgota path, you see this...You can actually go upstairs, but we didn't do it 'coz it looked claustrophobic enough for me. I mean, the stairs were only big enough to pass by one person at a time and we could hear some voices it would have been a hassle if we got up there and found that some tourists wanted to come down.

So we just walked around the area near the huge cross...and here are the views...

After we browsed through Ialyssos ancient city, we followed a path that lead us to this...

At the end of the above pic, we found this opening. Just magnificent!!!

Next stop is Butterfly Park. Unfortunately we didn't see too many butterflies there. Thus we couldn't take pics of many butterflies as they flitted about so fast (and there were too few anyway). However, it was quite a huge park and we were quite tired of going up and down the stairs. Gladly the place was filled with trees, so it wasn't too hot he he he...

Here's one restaurant in Butterfly Park. We ate there before we took a bus back to Faliraki. Only after some time we realize that there are regular public buses going to Filerimos, Kamiros, and Butterfly Park from Rodos (read: downtown Rhodes). But that means we have to take a bus from Faliraki to Rodos first before we board the bus from Rodos to Butterfly Park (for example). It cost €5/person to go to Butterfly Park from Rodos.

Instead of just butterflies, we also found these animals in Butterfly Park he he he...

Finally R2 could take a decent pic of this yellow butterfly outside the Butterfly Museum.

The entrance ticket we paid to get inside Butterfly Park included the ticket to go inside Butterfly Museum. Here's one pic of the museum (it was a very small museum, though):

Okay, I think this is long enough.


  1. Pictures speak a thousand words. So I guess this form of posting is really great when our minds get on Silent Mode huh :-)

  2. Lovely! The lake looks really tempting to jump into. The water is amazing!

  3. wow...lovely shot in Butterfly park, Amel.

  4. I love the pictures of the place depicting Golgotha and the pretty butterflies.
    I had one question (& I'm sorry if you already answered it) what made you pick Rhodes? Did you know people there?

  5. WaterLearner: Yep, so true what you said! :-D It's very practical to upload pics when my mind is blank ha ha...

    Blur Ting: Yeah, and it's very cool - after walking up and down the stairs to get there in that heat, I know why that guy jumped into the water. Must've been SO refreshing!!!

    Jul: THANKS!!! :-D

    Vince: Well, we didn't really plan on going there. When we found out about R2's summer holiday, he asked me where we should go and we both agreed that we should go someplace where we don't need to apply for a visa. Our choice was at that time either Bulgaria or Rhodes.

    To be honest, in Finland Rhodes is like Bali for Indonesians. Rhodes is one of the most popular places to visit (top three) in many travel agent's magazines that we get here in Sodankylä.

    Plus R2's parents and brother have visited Rhodes and they loved it. R2's parents have also visited Bulgaria. So we started browsing around and when I found out I didn't need a visa, we looked for a suitable package (flight + hotel) in Rhodes that we could afford. We found one and we booked it right away he he...

  6. Fantastic view and beautiful surroundings Amel. I love to visit historical places. You can just sit there and imagine all of the people who travelled through that part of the world.

  7. Eek...! I get dizzy when I see your husband standing on that narrow strip between the waters! Butterflies in my stomach just from looking :D (Second picture from top)

    Great pictures. Thank you again for sharing :)

  8. Bogey: Ahhhh...never thought of it that way: thinking of all the people who travelled through that part of the road. Nice imagination, though! :-D Glad you enjoyed the pics.

    Rita: HE HE HE HE HE...He almost lost his balance when walking back to was a pretty dangerous place indeed. In fact, in many places in Rhodes there are no railings when you have to go up and up and up the stairs...or it did also make me a bit scared HI HI HI HI...