Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3BT: Random Days

1. A wonderful shopping trip with hubby and MIL today. ;-D

2. I've received the magazine in which my article is published. (I'm not going to put the scanned version of the article here 'coz I'm afraid that it may be against the law - esp. 'coz it's supposed to be released only in the beginning of November, but if you want to see it, just let me know by writing a comment for this post and I'll send it to you via email.)

3. Receiving the papers to get my reward for the article HUE HE HE HE HE...tomorrow I have to post it ho ho ho...

4. Spending plenty of quality time with hubby plus another wonderful cabin trip last Saturday.

5. Seeing hubby and MIL "fighting" about who should be paying - each of them insisted on paying for the other party HA HA HA HA HA...

6. Winter Wonderlandddddd again in Sodankylä after two days of snowfall.

7. Finding canned red beans and managing to recreate the kind of beef red bean soup flavour that my Mom usually makes in Indo. WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!

8. Eating the beef red bean soup while it was still hot and feeling as though I had been at my parents' place in Bandung, eating my Mom's food. Mmmm...

9. Feeling that now I can officially call myself my Mom's daughter - because for years I felt that my brother was the one who was more talented in cooking than me (and I've always been more like my Dad in terms of personality, too). But hey, turns out I'm not THAT bad he he he he...I'm improving myself!!! ;-D

10. Giving MIL some of my beef red bean soup and some of my white egg cake. ;-D

11. Getting a tight hug from MIL and giving one back. ;-D

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