Friday, October 16, 2009

Parent's Choice Infant Formula

Having friends who have kids already makes me realize the importance of infant formula. After the breastmilk is not produced anymore, if the breastmilk isn't enough to satisfy the baby (I know some babies who can drink A LOT of milk) or after the mother decides to stop breastfeeding, it's time to find the best infant formula.

For those of you who live in USA, have you heard of Parent's Choice Infant Formula? This store brand formula is FDA-approved and they're just as good as other infant formula. They come in different choices, such as: milk formula, soy formula, gentle formula, organic formula, sensitivity formula, immune support formula, added rice formula, and stage 2 formula.

Then what's the good thing about this one, you ask? Well, they cost cheaper. Right now they're having a sale on milk formula and gentle formula where you can get 2 cans for only $10. Pretty good deal, don't you think?

If you still doubt whether or not they're good, you can just fill in an online form to get some samples. All of the products are available in Walmart. In the website you can read much more detailed information on the different types of infant milk. There is even on online savings calculator where you get to compare how much it costs you to buy different kinds of infant milk versus Parent's Choice Infant Formula.


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