Friday, October 23, 2009

So Many Things To Do

Yesterday I started packing so that I'd know how much space I have left. I still haven't bought some stuff yet and I freaked out when I found out my suitcase weighed 18 kg already. OUCH!!! I only have 20 kg baggage allowance and 7 kg of backpack. BUT I do NOT want to lug around a 7-kg backpack (or even heavier than that - my friend says she always carries around a 15-kg backpack when she goes back to Indo) 'coz it's such a LONG journey for me (have to change planes in Helsinki and HK and take a bus to Bandung from Jkt).

So I need to throw some things out and make sure that I bring the more important stuff on board. This evening and tomorrow I'll have the crash course of entrepreneurship and then tomorrow eve we'll probably go to the cabin. Thus it's better for me to write my post today.

---> Almost forgot!!! Ever since we moved here, we've been trying to find where we "hid" the bubble wraps (you know, the kind of bubble wraps for packages?). We searched high and low, but we couldn't find them anywhere. When I took my suitcase yesterday and opened it...voila!!! There they were!!! I was laughing so much and I called R2 right away (he was at work) HA HA HA HA HA HA...SO FUNNY!!!

I still haven't started writing drafts for my blog during the time I'll be in Indo. I also have to start cooking and putting stuff in the freezer sometime next week so that R2 has plenty to eat later on without having to cook.

I've had so many dreams at nights - maybe 'coz my brain is SO active during the day as well, thinking of ideas...brainstorming...thinking of so many things to remember he he he...

Anyway, I wanna show off some more of my latest creations in Zazzle. I think later on I'll create another blog for this purpose, but I haven't got the time yet to do it, so bear with me he he he he he...

The first one ---> the symbols at the back of the shoe was created from the word "Hope". If you click on both, you can view them from different angles.

Okie dokie...I guess I'll be off now to shower and to try to write down some drafts for my blog. See ya when I get back home!!! Enjoy your weekend, people!

Saw this video on Facebook and it's SO touching that I just have to share it here he he...


  1. I had the same experience with your bubble wrap story. But it was something else (can't even remember what that was).

    By the way, wish you have a safe trip & a great holiday.

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