Friday, October 02, 2009


Hi, people!

THANKS A LOT for all the concern about my family. They live in Bandung, so they're fine. Some friends and relatives live in Jakarta and one best friend's sister and family live in Padang (around the area where the earthquake hit the other day). They're all fine THANK GOD, despite the fact that the house is messy 'coz many things fall down from different places.

What I find DISGUSTING is hearing that some people ROB stores that were damaged due to the earthquake. SHAME ON THEM!!! BAD BAD BAD KARMA vibes for them...

Anyway, I can't write long or blog-hop yet 'coz soon we're going to spend the night at the cabin and then on Sunday I have to work (but I'll get Monday off) that means I will blog-hop only later on Monday I think.

Hope you're all doing fine and I hope those areas that were hit by earthquakes or tsunami get help quickly and that they still have hope for a better life. I DO hope there are no more earthquakes and like this...


  1. Hi Amel! Glad to hear your family is alright.

    That's really disgusting and it's been happening here too. Some people are robbing the flood victims' belongings!

  2. Amel.... I live in a closet.. I didn't even know any of this had even happened!! Glad to know your parents and loved ones are okay.. Love Michelle x

  3. AN absolute tragedy... Good to hear things are good.

    Greed, as long as humans exist, there'll always be greed!