Sunday, October 11, 2009

3BT: Random Days

1. "Diamonds" glittering on a rooftop (read: when the sun was shining on the rooftop of a building covered by snow, the snow glittered just like diamonds).

2. Making lurrrrrvvvvveeeeeeeee and cuddling, kissing, and tickling each other afterwards.

3. Feeling as if spring had come again due to the amount of snow and sunlight during daytime.

4. Taking these pictures made me happy:

5. Starting to count down to the day of my departure to Indo and feeling both joy and sadness (sadness 'coz I'll have to leave hubby for 4 weeks - we've never been apart for more than one day for the past 2 years and 7 months).

6. Receiving "tempe teri" from an Indo friend who lives in Southern Finland. The day I received it, I cooked rice right away and it felt HEAVENLY to taste tempe teri with hot rice. Mmmm...

7. Feeling hubby's shaved cheek on mine.

8. Having some savings for rainy days and not having debt.

9. Reading a very funny joke (in Finnish), laughing about it, and sharing the laughter with hubby and BIL.

10. Asking hubby: "Is our marriage what you think a marriage is supposed to be?" He said yes and when I asked if he had any complaints about me, he said no. :-D


  1. Lovely photos, Amel. Hmmm...tempe teri. Yummy :D

  2. Hey Amel,

    I loved the picture taken from the reflection on your sunglasses!

    I am so happy that you are happy and blissful, girl: you deserve all the happiness in the world *hug*!

    Have a wonderful week ahead!


  3. No complaints eh!! Good for you. You and your hubby make me believe in true love. After dating in New York I've been having a few doubts.

  4. Counting down...know the feeling of it :-)

    When are you leaving? Very happy for you that you have the opportunity to fly home & see your family.

  5. Jul: Yeah, the first time I ate tempe and teri in Finland! ;-D

    Max: GLAD you enjoyed the pics. That reflection on my sunglasses was actually a failed shot of me and my background hi hi...I forgot to undo my zoom feature ha ha...but it turned out well that I kept the pic. :-D THANKS, Max, hope you've had a wonderful week too! ;-D

    Fish: I'm glad my post can make you believe in true love. It is hard to find, but it's out there. :-))))

    Feb: I'll leave on October 31st. :-))) I'm also HAPPY to be able to visit my family again - better do it now before I get pregnant, esp. 'coz I have to go alone. :-))))