Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3BT: Random Days

1. On Saturday, R2 told me that he'd take a week off before I fly to Indo (I didn't know he was planning to do it and I didn't even ask!). QUALITY TIME, here we go!!!!!!

2. He also said that we could go shopping to Rovaniemi (
YIIIIIIIIHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA - might as well buy some Christmas gifts there) and spend another night at the cabin prior to my departure. Double YES!!!

3. Arranged a day to go to Rovaniemi so that my MIL can go with us, which would be next week's Wednesday. YES!!! :-D

4. Taking these pictures:

First pic: BIL tried to check the surface of the frozen lake. It was actually perfect for skating (which is rare for northern Finland).

The other side of the lake:

Another side:

Hung my camera's strap on some tree branches, so the angle is weird ha ha...but I like the pic anyway. :-D

5. Watching hubby scrub the dirt away from the stove and other parts of the kitchen after he finished washing the dishes last Sunday (and he didn't even ask my help HA HA...).

6. Yesterday was the last day of my training. YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!

7. Yesterday night I brainstormed about my online store with a friend and she said she was willing to try to be my supplier (no, she's not a real seller, she just loves shopping HA HA...). We'll see how it goes. ;-D


  1. Like the sound of your on line store. I wonder when it will be up and running? Still very early days?
    Nice to see your smiling face again.

  2. The World According to Me: Yeah, still very early days for the online store thingie, except for my Zazzle store (I've put the link on my right sidebar). The other online store is still in process. I have to go through a short entrepreneur course this weekend (where I'll learn the paperwork to open a business, etc. etc.) and only after I come back from Indo I'll decide how it'll be like he he...

  3. Beautiful photos, Amel. I will take a look at your online store.

  4. Hey Amel,

    Congrats, girl!! So you are almost leaving, eh? :)

    Shop a lot, have loads of fun and now that your training is over: RELAX!!!! :D

    Loved the pics although they made me cold as hell lol!
    I must say one thing about the last one: you look gorgeous!! Could it be that....? ;)


  5. it looks really cold up there. You're used to it, but if it got really cold before late Nov. I think I would think farther into depression.
    Commented also on Crosses to Bear below

  6. Love the photos Amel. Sounds like good times ahead :-) Congrats on completing your training and good luck with the online store.

  7. Jul: THANKS!!! ;-D

    Max: Yep, almost leaving he he he...I should start packing today, but we'll see how lazy I am HA HA HA...THANKS for your compliments. Nah, not preggy yet...I'll let you know when I am hi hi...

    Vince: It's really usual for northern Finland to have snow in October already, so I'm used to it. :-))))

    Fish: YESSSSSSSSSS, thanks, VERY good times ahead YIIPPIIIEEE!!! THANKS for your support. :-D

  8. Such a thoughtful hubby! Looks like you're in for a really good week!

  9. Blur Ting: Yep...can't wait to go to the cabin! :-D