Thursday, October 22, 2009

Birthday + Zazzle Store

Today is Ken's first birthday. I wish him a BEAUTIFUL birthday and I hope God protects him and keeps him safe and healthy wherever he is. Can't believe that he's one year old already. 'Coz I don't get to see him at all, it feels like it was just yesterday that R2 and I waited outside the delivery room he he he...When I told R2 about this, he couldn't believe it, either.

Can't wait until I can get some videos of him later on!!! He's learning to walk now and now he wants to grab a finger (yes, just grabbing one finger is enough) of my Mom's or my bro's or my bro's wife's to walk around the place. He can walk a few steps without help already. ;-D

Anyhow, these past few days I've been tinkering with my Zazzle Store. Do you know that you can create your own "designs" at Zazzle and sell them? If you don't want to create designs, you can register there to be an associate (where you'll get a reference number). As an associate, you can promote any products that you deem beautiful or unique in your blog or FB and if someone click on the links and buys them, you can get a commission! :-D

Here are my latest products:

OK, now I'd better make a cake I was supposed to make yesterday (I've been craving for it!!!) and then perhaps do a little bit of packing he he he he...I'll blog-hop later, OK?

P.S. Here, check out also these products made by my blogger friends:


  1. Happy birthday, Ken. calendar in there :D Thanks, Amel. I just sold my Tulips calendar this morning. I am so happy :D I will review your products later this weekend i think. I will leave you a message when I post it in my other blog. OK!

  2. Yes, years go fast in kiddie land, it's amazingly scary! I hope that he has a lovely day.

    I am registered with quoop that I think must be similar to zazzle.. I will have to have a look at it. I have always been a bit concerned about the image resolution not being correct for the item it is being applied to...being that you dont get to see it before they send it to the recipient. I have some of my noitarumpu images that I want to use that way. I will be interested to hear how you get on with that Amel - good luck!

    Love Michelle x

  3. Yes, how fast time flies! You were in Singapore saying that he'll arrive anytime now...

  4. Happy 1st Birthday Ken. May God always guides him. And...put on your party hat & have a day filled with lots of fun.....

  5. Jul: CONGRATS on selling the calendar!!! :-D

    Mrs. Arctic Rainbow: They'll go on Sat to a photo studio and then eat out together. THANKS for your support! :-D

    Blur Ting: Yup. :-D

    Feb: THANK YOUUUU!!!! :-D I bet he's having lots of fun there, learning to walk HA HA HA...