Thursday, October 15, 2009

Seminar + 3BT

I've just booked a place for an entrepreneur seminar in this village. Funny thing is that the other day there was a rather slow day at work and during a break I managed to browse through a local newspaper and found the advertisement for this seminar. It's for free and it'll be held for two days on October 23rd and 24th. It's for anyone who's interested in opening their own businesses or who is thinking of opening one.

They will tell us what kind of businesses there are in Finland and all the basic info about opening your own business, funding, pricing, etc. Sounds good, right? :-))) We'll see how it goes then. :-)))) I feel like I'm about to step into another dimension or something, you know? In a way it's good to be able to find out these things before I go to Indo so that I can think of what to bring to Finland to try to sell here (or if they're worth selling here).

And now let me share my 3BT post here too:

1. Finding a generous sum of tips in one bedroom at the hotel HO HO HO HO HO...Remember that guests here don't normally give any tips, so if they give some, it's already more than good. But today I found one who gave a generous sum. WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! :-D

2. Used the money to buy salad, tomatoes, cucumber, and a bag of chips (new flavour).

3. Tasted the new-flavoured chips (sour cream and pepper) and LOVED it! ;-D

4. Almost forgot this one: The government has reduced the taxes for food by 5% (it was 17% and now it's 12%) until July 2010. It really helps me A LOT in cutting down my grocery budget. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!

5. SUPER delicious chocolate pudding at the hotel. I'm drooling while thinking of the taste...simply superb...wish I could ask for the recipe hi hi...

6. Why, tomorrow is Friday and it's a cause for celebration 'coz then weekend is coming SOON and then I have only one day of work left (Monday) HO HO HO HO HO...

7. Found some CHEAP CHEAP reddish mangoes from Brazil in Lidl (at only €0.99 per kg - usually it's over €2/kg). OH YEAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

8. The winter boots I bought on a discount last spring (that I only start wearing now) are REALLY REALLY soft and comfy. LOVE 'em!!! ;-D


  1. What a great opportunity for you to go to the seminar. are lucky find mangoes at this time :D

  2. Hi Amel,

    Good luck with that.. I got emails about that recently, but as I was closing my business I decided not to bother. I would be interested however to hear if they come up with anything of worth.. so keep me informed.

    Just as well you dont drink Amel.. being allergic and all.. as the VAT may have gone done on the food but the alcohol went UP .. a huge 10%! Luckily we dont drink much either....but Christmas will be a bit more expensive though. What a price hike...

    Really glad to hear that your days at the Karhu Hotelli are coming to a close. For me, that time has gone quick...but I know that for you - nothing could be further from the truth!!

    Much Love Michelle x

  3. Wow ... you starting your own biz huh??