Sunday, June 06, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. Canned lychees.

2. Strawberry kiisseli (it's some sort of soupy pudding) that MIL made.

3. Flowers blooming on a tree right behind the swing set in our yard and taking pics of the beautiful flowers:

4. Meeting friends and sitting on the above swing set with one of them while waiting for the rest to come (we had a nice time while swaying on the swing).

5. MIL taught me how to sew with her sewing machine (just a simple stitch work) 'coz I'd bought some fabric to make curtains.

6. After MIL taught me how to do it, I did the rest by myself and now I have two sets of CHEAP new curtains for the living room and bedroom.

7. Rain means that I don't have to water the plants in my garden.

8. Having spent a long time cleaning the front part of the house. It felt GREAT having so much time to be able to clean up the house properly bit by bit.

9. Listening to old songs in youtube (and singing along with them) that brought me back to the past...mmm...I LOVE searching for and finding old songs in youtube.

10. Having a loving, funny, caring, gentle, patient husband who hugs me a lot every day and who tells me he loves me at least once a day.

11. Finding out why I had been having trouble calling my parents with Skype and having a hubby who could fix the problem.

12. Talking to my Mom via Skype for over an hour with pretty good voice quality and she could hear me well again.


  1. WaterLearner: Yeah, me too! Esp. when the flowers are in bloom like that. Just pretty!

  2. I love youtube-ing, too, reminiscing the old days listening to old songs hehehe... but lately I haven't got much time to do it. Btw, I've never seen that kind of swings, very unique. I love swing hehe... Oh yeah, nice surrounding of your lovely home. Love it! :-)