Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Part-Time Summer Job Coming!!!

Yeah...can you believe it? I got a part-time summer job today!!! HALLELUJAH!!! A few weeks ago saw the advertisement and decided to send an application without really thinking I'd even got an interview. Was I called to have an interview? No. That was what made today a CRAZY day ha ha ha...

Today I went to a store to buy some groceries and while browsing through the items, one guy approached me and asked, "Hi, are you the woman who sent the application to us?" I nodded and then he said his name and asked if he could interview me. He said he knew it was me who sent the application 'coz a worker there had recognized me - the worker is one of the mothers of the kids at the daycare where I had my last training.

I asked him when he wanted to interview me - thinking he'd say "Tomorrow?". But no, he actually said, "How about you finish your shopping first and then come inside to the office?"

GULP GULP GULP...A sudden JOB interview (in Finnish)?!?!?!?!?! And I was NOT even PREPARED for it?!?!?!?!

But I couldn't say no, could I? So I finished my shopping while trying to calm myself down and then I knocked on the office door.

Funny thing happened at that time 'coz the kids of one worker there (I knew them from the daycare) spotted me and I said hi to them and asked them how they were doing - and then the office door opened and the kids followed me inside!!! ('coz the mother was inside the office HA HA HA...)

The interviewer, who opened the door for the three of us, naturally asked, "Are these your kids?"

I laughed and said no he he he...

Then he asked me the usual questions (which I wasn't prepared for, so I could have given better answers had I had time to prepare myself - but anyway...) and after some time talking, he said, "Congrats! You've got the job!".


That's it? I was thinking that he would think about it first 'coz I had a feeling that he was really unsure about my ability in speaking, understanding, and reading Finnish.

So I spent a long time there when he drew the job contract (for 3 months only until the end of September, but it may continue) and explained to me about some stuff there and he also told me about my first week's work schedule. I'll start on the 28th and 'coz it's a part-time job, I'll get a minimum of 10 hours per week, but during summer months I may get up to 20 hours per week.

I went out of the store not only bringing the items I bought there but also a job contract and a handful of other papers to read about the company, etc. I need to go back there tomorrow to submit some papers and I also need to report to the employment office about this. Phew...what a dayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!


  1. WOAH!! Congrats, Amel!! Thats just simply awesome. I bet that was your best shopping ever, eh? happy for you! Praise the Lord! =)

  2. That is so awesome, Amel! I'm so happy for you. I also love what you did with changing the "look" of your blog. It looks great.
    Congrats to you! I hope you enjoy the job!!

  3. WoWOWWWeeee!!! I'm SO happy for you, buddy!! I think you've done a very great job at the daycare center and the 'mom' might say something really good about you. Congratz!!! What an unexpected offer and phewww... ;-)

  4. THANK YOU, my friends!!! I'm GLAD I got it too he he he...