Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. Hubby for having changed many cables in the house and having rearranged many things neatly and added new light switches to make my life easier. LOVE to have a thoughtful hubby.

2. First day at work went TOO fast that it was blurry - I had no time to think nor be too anxious 'coz I spent half of my working hours there to be in the cashier. Made mistakes and made the line of people wait a couple of times when I had to call my senior to get help, but at least most of the customers were patient enough to bear with me, the newbie. A few were curious enough to find out where I came from and they were really nice to me: one of them even said, "Hey, it's nice to see a new cashier! 'Coz we live nearby, we're going to meet often as this is the closest store to our place". :-D

My MIL also dropped by as promise to find out how I was doing and I met another familiar face who always smiles at me whenever we meet. They brightened up my day! :-D

3. The fast-paced working environment meant that time flew and before I knew it, I had finished my shift HA HA HA HA...

4. Seeing lots more yellow wild flowers blooming in our own yard (they hadn't popped out before)...simply GORGEOUS!!!

5. The "exercise trick" on Sunday worked 'coz I could fall asleep earlier at night to make sure I had enough rest before starting my work shift at 7 am on Monday.

6. They've added another work shift this week, so I'm gonna work every day for a few hours (at first I didn't have any shift on Wed). This is good, esp. 'coz R2's leaving to Helsinki today to do some kind of computer training and he'll only be back on Sat afternoon. That means I will have plenty of things to do while he's away - plus the more hours I get, the more money I can get HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

7. Eating this zesty, minty rice at my friend's place. Rich of flavour!

8. Making my own Wedang Ronde and they taste SO good!!!!

9. Being surrounded by dandelions in the HUGE field in my in-laws' place. On the second half of the video, you can see the strawberry field (covered with net) and the dandelions were still asleep 'coz it was rather cloudy. I took the video from the second floor in my in-laws' place 'coz that was where we spent the night.

10. Almost killed a pot of flowers given by an aunt when I moved them to a bigger pot and added fertilizer. However, noticed that they got dried and and the flowers started to die one by one, so I changed the soil again and this time I didn't add any fertilizer and now they start blooming again bit by bit. So they just didn't like fertilizer!!! ;-D


  1. Looks delicious no. 8. Is that Onde??

    Good luck for your new job, Amel

  2. Wedang ronde - what's that? Wow, that rice looks superb!

    What a huge dandelion field indeed! I love dandelions:) You certainly have plenty of open space where you live.

    Happy to hear your new job keeps you suitably busy. Good luck with everything.

  3. Jul: Iya, onde pake aer jahe he he...THANKS!

    Rita: Wedang ronde is a traditional Indo snack. The onde (balls) are made of glutinous rice flour and the "soupy" thingie is made of ginger, water, and sugar. Best eaten hot when it's cold outside 'coz it'll warm you up. :-D

    Oh, the field of dandelion video was taken in Kelujärvi, around my in-laws' place. :-D

    THANKS for your support!!! The new job does keep me busy he he...

  4. I am glad things are going ok at work. It is nice when time flys by! Keep us posted on how work is going, because I enjoy reading about it and am sure others do too!

  5. WOAH!!! WEDANG RONDE *panik* mau!!! hehehe..well done, Mel!! =D