Thursday, June 24, 2010

In The Garden

Yesterday had a FUN eve with some friends (I'll blog about it later). Hubby has done a WONDERFUL job changing the cables (old cables) and other stuff. He's really neat and I can tell that he knows what to do. He looks SO sexy in his handyman outfit he he he...too bad I can't help him too much 'coz I don't know what to do, so all I can do is prepare him food and just help him out in other ways that I can. :-D

Tomorrow we're going to my in-laws to grill in the yard. I bought some fish 'coz I'm craving for some grilled fish that I can eat with soy sauce and sliced chili (I bought some dry red chili from the online store in Germany). I also bought some cider, sausages, and hamburgers he he...Hoping for warm weather tomorrow! *crossing my fingers and toes*

Today I took some pictures while walking around in the garden (after watering the plants there) and I noticed that some wild flowers have grown...tiny white ones and lovely small purple ones...I also noticed "The Circle of Life" as some ants attacked a bee and the bee are the pictures (unfortunately I don't know the name of the flowers):

In the second pic, the bee was being dragged away by the ants...

Dunno the name of this bug, but it's really CUTE 'coz it doesn't suck my blood ha ha's about 5 cm long and wide.

A bud of a wild flower...

Spotted this small wild flower on one part of the garden...lovely lovely ones!!!

Sorry, a bit blurry. Just wanna show you how small it is. My index finger is about 1.5 cm wide.

Another pic of it...

See how many there are! :-D

In another part of the garden these white flowers lie hidden...they're SO tiny that I wouldn't have noticed unless I came closer he he...

Again for comparison sake...I held it between my middle and ring finger.

Last pic: I've shown you this flower, but now you can see how small it is...And yeah, the bug happened to jump onto the petals while I took the pic ha ha ha...


  1. Wow, Mel! Great pics! :)
    and those flowers are beautiful, too. :)
    Btw, pake kamera apa, Mel? Hasil foto2mu selalu bagus. :)

  2. Henny: Gua pake Lumix DMC-FZ28. Beli di Sgp waktu 2 taun lalu ke Indo ama Sgp bbrp hari sebab beli di sana lebih murah sih he he...

  3. So pretty!! I think that long-legged insect is called daddy long legs.

  4. Fotonya bagus2, Mel! =) loe juga boleh nih bisnis photography...hehe..I love the white flower! SO CUTE!

  5. ow..gitu. asli, Mel..keren abis. :)
    kameraku pake canon tapi hasil fotonya ga ok. udah jadul jg sih. :P minta diganti. hahaha.. :D

  6. Lovely flowers to welcome the weekend.

  7. What an incredible blossom. I am not at all familiar with this plant, but it sounds like one I would like to get to know better.

  8. Shinta: Bisnis fotografi? HA HA HA...di sini juga ga kaya di Indo euy, orang2 jarang foto gila2an hi hi...

    Jul: THANKS! :-D

    Henny: Oh, iya gua juga dulu ganti sebab yang lama bagus sih kualitasnya tapi lelet banget actionnya, jadi mo siap2 foto sesuatu tuh lama, trus kalo mo ngambil foto juga lama - kalo mo ngambil foto binatang bergerak udah keburu ke mana dulu binatangnya, makanya ganti juga ha ha ha...

    WaterLearner: Yeah, that's true. :-D

    Beth: THANKS for leaving a comment. Unfortunately I also don't know the names of the flowers. Hope you can grow some of them there! :-D