Sunday, June 27, 2010

Midsummer Night's Dream

We spent a night at my in-laws' place on Midsummer Eve. I hadn't even known we were spending a night there. At first I thought we were just going there 'coz BIL wanted to grill some sausages and hamburgers outside, but was actually a PERFECT day to go there 'coz on Midsummer Day itself (yesterday), it was cloudy and then it rained cats and dogs at around 7 pm. On Midsummer Eve, the sun was sunny and it was 23'C.

Here are some pics I managed to take, among SO many I've taken...

I got SO lucky when I spotted these two lovey-dovey bugs. They didn't even budge when I came SOOOOOO close to them to get this pic (I, of course, took SO many pics 'coz I wanted to make sure I got at least ONE good pic - it was HARD to get a good pic of these two among the grass 'coz the focus kept on being off).

Isn't this pic lovely? Even the clouds look SO happy ha ha ha ha...

Another side of the field...mmmhhhh...I kept on running my eyes on the whole felt though time had stopped and nothing else mattered...

OK, so I HAD to pose with the golden field of flowers, right? HA HA HA HA...

My in-laws enjoying the sun on their swing...

After sauna, we played some cards and then at midnight, I ran outside to take some are they:

This last pic was taken at around 2 am from inside the house (couldn't go out 'coz the door was locked already), so it wasn't too clear 'coz the window wasn't that clear (bugs had landed on them and stuff). But anyway, just wanna show that the sun started going up again...

OK, I'll blog-hop a little. I'm a bit excited and anxious about tomorrow he he he...It's always like that when you start working or doing any training in a new place where you've never had any experiences before. At least it won't be too bad 'coz I'll only work for 5 hours, though I've gotta get up early. Soon after blog-hopping I'm gonna exercise until I'm dead tired to make sure I can sleep early tonight after staying up for days ha ha ha ha...


  1. The clouds in the first cloud picture look like smoke signals.. hah hah :) Brilliant.

  2. Your pics have lightened me up, I'm feeling a bit sad today. Anyway, wish you all the best on your 1st day of working, Amel! ;-)

  3. Hey Amel,

    Such beautiful photos! Summer is beautiful there...

    Your in-laws look quite relaxed and your MIL is so cute! :D you were blessed indeed.

    Enjoy your summer and your week!


    P.S: I forgot to say that you look great! Keep up...

  4. Beautiful photos Amel. Good luck tomorrow!!

  5. The weather looks so good! And your in laws look happy to be outside :-)

  6. Rita: Yeah, you're right! They do look like smoke signals, eh? :-D

    CMG: THANKS, Crystal and hope you're feeling better now! ;-D

    Max: Yeah, but today was really cold for summer weather ha ha ha...THANKS for all your kind words! ;-D

    Fish: THANK YOU!!! :-D

    Blur: One of the best days so far (brilliant weather, etc.) ;-D

  7. Lovely pictures! How pretty everything looks. And you're right, the clouds do look happy.

  8. BEAUTIFUL pictures, Mel!!! =) your in laws look like really nice people! =)