Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today's Activity

Sleepyhead me had a HARD time waking up, even though hubby had been banging the walls downstairs 'coz he's been doing a major renovation work for the cables and stuff (so he had to turn off the electricity for a while), I still managed to fall back to sleep ha ha ha ha...so when I finally woke up, the sun was shining so beautifully. I knew it wouldn't last the whole day, so I took out some of my small (plant) babies to bask in the glory that would help 'em grow. Then after having a late breakfast and watering some plants, I took some pics and read a novel on the swing. Marvelous!!!

After that I decided to wash the car - the first time I've EVER washed a car in my entire life HA HA HA HA HA HA...then I went to the supermarket to buy some stuff by bike and when I got back it was already half cloudy and it got even cloudier and cloudier as time went by. So it was a SUPERB decision to enjoy the sun while it lasted ha ha ha ha...(Side note: Actually right now when I'm typing, the sun has decided to come out again ha ha...)

Here are some pics that I took:

The reason why I was sitting on the bottom part of the swing was that I wanted to enjoy the sun on my back he he he...And then the birds came to sing me some songs, as well...mmmm...

I REALLY love the shape of this flower...

Look what greeted me on the swing while I was reading there and enjoying the sun? ;-D

Saw a dozen of this type of flowers blooming near the side of our yard...lovely tiny purple flowers! :-D

Rising uppp...I ADORE these yellow ones for some reason...

This last pic was taken a few weeks ago at my MIL's place - I put it here just to show you the shape of the above yellow flowers he he he...

OK, now gonna relax some moreeeeee...I'll blog-hop later...


  1. like the pictures, the spider looks a little scary, tho'
    You look so scholarly reading!
    I hope you enjoy the summer. I still love the idea of a very very short night!!

  2. I don't know those flowers, yu must have a different fauna up in the north. Except perhaps the last picture is "kullero" in Finnish. We must google it to make sure:)

    The flowers you admired on my blog are wild flowers called "metsäkurjenpolvi".

  3. Lovely flowers there, and pictures!! =) I love the little purple ones. hehe. What book are you reading?

  4. Wah, enjoying life! I wish I were there too!

  5. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never washed the car... but then, I don't drive either...

    The shape of the first flower really is fascinating, I've never seen anything like that! What is the flower called?

  6. ChicagoWing: Well, the sun doesn't rise nor set for a whole month at least over here - that is when it's sunny, though he he...

    Rita: Kullero (maybe) and metsäkurjenpolvi? THANKS for letting me know. :-D :-D I should write them down before I forget he he...

    Shinta: Just some chicklit I bought when we were in Crete. :-D Light summer reading ha ha...

    Blur Ting: Would be NICE if you could be here! :-D

    Bitter Chocolate: No need to be ashamed, girl! :-D This is the link to the flower's name: Aguilegia Flabellata

    I just found out from a friend who asked about it in a forum he he...

  7. All those flowers are so colorful and beautiful EXCEPT the spider. I'm scared of spiders especially the big hairy ones. :S Do all flowers have names?? I wonder... :-D