Friday, June 18, 2010

A Hard Day's Night

Yep, we saw this karaoke movie called A Hard Day's Night early this morning at around 2 am. At first we weren't sure whether we could make it or not 'coz it was SO late, but anyway...WE MADE IT!!!

It was fun singing along with all the songs in the movie - though too bad I only knew the whole tunes of two songs. I'd heard almost all of the songs, but didn't remember the whole tune of most of them, but it was FUN anyway. The whole crowd sang along with every song - those who didn't know the lyrics could just read them right above the screen. We even clapped our hands in some points - with gusto! HE HE HE HE...Btw, if you wanna know, the ticket is €7. Had never seen the movie itself, but it was funny he he he...

Just like every year, The Midnight Sun Film Festival has arrived in Sodankylä and there are many people from different countries coming here. We went for some drinks outside a tent at around 6 pm and just talk about many things. Here's the tent near which we had our drinks - the white tent on the left side of the photo (this photo is taken from near the big tent):

While talking there, we saw a rainbow...not too vivid, but still it was nice to see:

Then we went our separate ways at around 9 pm 'coz my friends wanted to go back to their places to get their bikes, so we set up to meet at my place before the movie started. It started getting a bit cold at that time 'coz it was cloudy, so I thought it might be best to just continue talking at my place before we watched the movie. One friend brought some wine and we had fun talking for hours.

Then we biked to the big tent where we had to queue. The show started later than we thought, so we had to queue for at least 20 minutes, but that was fine 'coz I was with my friends and we could chit-chat about so many topics he he...

Anyway, here's the big tent where we saw the movie. It could hold up to a few hundred people - about 500 or something if I'm not mistaken. Or was it 800? Hmmm...

This below photo was taken at around 1.20 am - notice that there's now a long queue already to get inside the big tent (the big tent is on the left side - not captured in this photo). And yeah, that is the white tent outside which we had our drinks earlier that day. They sold pancakes, coffee, tea, sandwiches, sodas, etc.

Another picture I managed to take after going to the toilet inside this old school. There are some auditoriums in the school where they showed different movies. The clock says it's 01.25 am.

I took this pic when I biked home - it was around 3.40 am already hi hi hi...and the temperature went down to 9'C only. THANK GOD we all went back home to wear warmer clothes. ;-D We hope we can do this again next year, but we'll see he he he...

OHHHHHHH almost forgot...we saw a BABY squirrel on the way...look at how cute it is! It was running around in front of a supermarket's parking lot he he...


  1. Oh wow, amazing that the sun never sets! Sounds like a really long night of fun! You're so lucky to experience such a different lifestyle.

  2. Hard Day's NIght? did you see the Beatles running around in the movie??

    nice pictures

  3. OMG! I love the Beatles! I bet I'll sing along, too. :-D

    Wow! @ 3.40 am... Glad you had fun. It's such an experience. :-)

  4. Oh yes, the squirrel looks so cute.

  5. Looks you have a great night :D

  6. ohh!! sounds like so much fun! You are lucky thou guys have midnight sun festival. We don't. =( Visiting Finland sounds like a good idea now..haha