Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Garden Photos

Today finally the sun shone for a long while (it's about 17'C under the sun though the wind is still cold), so I took out the seeds that I had planted along with some flowers I had got as gifts - I had put them inside for the past few days 'coz it had been cold and I just didn't want them to die. One of the seeds I had planted was chives. Just yesterday I noticed a few leaves sprouting and I hope they grow well he he...

While it was sunny outside, I decided to take a few photos:

1st pic: 'Coz it had been COLD during the nights - nearing 0'C (and actually for the past two weeks prior to today), some leaves had probably thought autumn was coming, so they are already yellowish in colour.

2nd pic: When some friends came over the other day, one of them brought me some flowers called "Tähtisilmä" in Finnish. Dunno what it's called in English, though.

3rd pic: The ex home-owners left this plant in our yard. I just picked out all the dead leaves and watered it and now there are some blooms already. Anyone knows what they're called?

4th pic: A pic of me in front of the ex-home owners' child's playhouse he he he...It's gonna be taken away soon, but I just want you to know the size of it (I'm 145 cm and I can stand up straight inside it freely).

5th pic: Posing on the swing set HA HA HA HA HA...


  1. lovely photos you have, Amel. 2nd shots is my fav :D

  2. wow..that kiddie house is huge! haha..gile ajeee...Nice photos, Mel! =)

  3. The first photo of the flower looks like gerbera. The second one, I don't know.