Thursday, June 03, 2010

Late Spring Cleaning

Now that I have SO MUCH TIME on hand, I've started my late spring cleaning. Today I cleaned up the front part of the house 'coz it was OH, SO DUSTY!!! I had to change the water in the bucket four times!!! Oh dearrrr...but it's REALLY nice once the task was done he he he...However, haven't had time to plant more seeds. Maybe later. It's not nice weather anyway outside 'coz the weather prediction says that it's gonna rain every day until this weekend.

Anyway, it's now MIDNIGHT SUN!!! The sun doesn't set at all, though it still gets "darker" when it's cloudy outside he he he...

Yesterday some friends came over and we had fun together. We plan to meet again sometime this month 'coz another friend is coming here from Hungary (she lived here for a year), so we'll probably gonna meet at my place again. YIIIIIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAA!!! LOVE being busy!

My new Wii games have arrived and we've both tried one of them. I tried the other one on my own 'coz it's an exercise CD called My Fitness Coach and it really got me SWEATING HARD! The game CD also made us sweat so much 'coz the games incorporated LOTS of jumping and running he he fact, in almost every game we've tried, we had to jump and run. Phew!!! It was a GREAT choice, though! Tomorrow is my turn to use the exercise CD again. YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

You know what's funny? Ever since we moved to this house 4 months ago, I still haven't found TWO novels of mine. They've been MIA. I know they must be somewhere in the boxes or some other place, but I just haven't had time to open everything up (the rest of the packages that haven't been opened, that is). Or maybe I hid them somewhere in a bag or something. We'll see about that. I DO hope I'll find them sooner than later, though he he he...

Anyway, I'm gonna blog-hop later 'coz now I need to kick my butt and start doing Finnish exercises and read some Finnish so that my skills won't get rusty now that I'm not doing any training.

Here's a pic of the pansy in my garden:


  1. good luck w/ spring cleaning, hopefully it won't be too boring. it's always a good thing to do, b/c there comes a time where you just don't need certain stuff anymore.
    That would be so neat to have a midnight sun. The only thing I wouldn't be able to handle is cold weather in April.

  2. Hey Amel :D!

    Loved the Pansy: gorgeous!

    So, midnight sun, eh? That must be gorgeous! Soon, I will be able to see it upon a trip to Norway (organised by a fellow blogger, Renny).

    Have loads of fun and have a fab weekend!

  3. Hi Amel, thanks for being my first commentator :)

    Wow, how cool you are doing Finnish exercises. What exactly are the steps? :)

  4. I should start "spring" cleaning, too, soon! I have been too busy with work to think about proper cleaning.

  5. I really get inspired each time reading your post. :-) Happy Wii-ing! ;-)

  6. @Janice: UR VERY welcome! Well, I just continued doing grammar exercises using a Finnish book that I've had.

    @Rita: ENJOY spring cleaning then! :-D

    CMG: THANK YOU!!!! And yeah, I've been having fun with my new Wii games! ;-D