Friday, June 11, 2010

New Header + 3BT

Yeah, been tinkering with new header designs and I came up with this one. The background was created by Alevtina Design, the butterflies were taken from Debra Anderson Designs and the flower image on the upper right corner of my header was designed by Carola Okeke/FWTS. So THANK YOU to all of them!!!

The flower pictures themselves are all my photos, of course he he that summer's here, I thought it'd be nice to change the header once in a while. Hope you like my new summery header!


OK, here's my 3BT list:

1. This morning when I woke up I wanted to jump in joy 'coz I saw one little bud coming out in a pot. I almost thought that I had killed all the seeds 'coz the temperature had been so cold. Last night I was just thinking that perhaps they wouldn't germinate at all, so maybe I should use the pot to plant other seeds. Of course until now there's only one tiny bud coming out, but that's better than nothing, right? HE HE HE...Here's the pic of the bud (this is the seed of a climbing plant):

2. Seeing more buds coming out of the pot filled with seeds of chives. YEEEAAAHHHH!!!

3. Having "FUN" in sauna again after we played Wii on Wednesday. Oh yeahhh!!! *wink wink*

4. Having cleaned all the windows on the first floor (remember there are double windows everywhere, but I'm not in a hurry anyway).

5. Holding hands with hubby and listening to his heartbeat. Thump, thump, thump...the precious sign of life...

6. Music. Listening to music is really relaxing.

7. Chatting with different friends around the world. ;-D

8. Watering the plants while listening to birds singing outside. Mmmm...what a life!!!


  1. Mel, your joyful spirit really lifts me up! hehe =) btw, si hubby ok2 aja tuh loe tulis ttg main2 di sauna? teh pernah nulis kayak gitu..terpaksa dihapus karena Hans keberatan T T hahahhaha

  2. Shin: Dia mah OK2 aja, malah nantang gitu HA HA HA HA HA HA...:-D

  3. What a pretty header


    congratulations on the budding bud :)

  4. Hi Amel,

    The new header is gorgeous! So summerish ;).

    Your 3BTs were lovely too - you put a smile on my face :).

    I must say that I loved the comment you left on my blog this week: it was brilliant, thank you!

    Have a great weekend, gorgeous!

  5. Pretty header. Been thinking of changing my blog template before reading your post actually hehehe... Hope to see more 'buds'... Agree with the 1st comment above, your joyful spirit really lifts me up... Yeahhh!!! Thanks, buddy! :-)

  6. The new header is really cool!!

  7. Rita: Glad you liked the header and THANKS!!! :-D I hope the buds will grow well.

    Max: UR VERY welcome. Have a LOVELY weekend too! :-D

    CMG: THANK YOUUUU!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing your blog template!

    WaterLearner: GLAD you liked it, Karen!