Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back to the Past: Junior High

The other day I was reminiscing the past with my closest friends in emails, particularly our Junior High School years. Some of us went to the same Junior High School so we have similar memories 'coz some of us were in the same class even.

I remember that back then before each quarterly exams at school, they divided them into two sections: the theories and the non-theory exams. The non-theory exams included sports, singing, playing a musical instrument, biology and physics lab tests, and one extra-curricular activity (at that time I had to do a typing test - yep, typing with a typing machine, which we had to bring to school on our own. It was HEAVY, you know?)

Anyhow, before the non-theory exams, we were each given a number (a series of 3 or 4 numbers) and then we had to make ourselves a numbered tag with specific directions (on a piece of carton) - they even gave us details on how big the numbers should be and how thick they should be. Then the carton needed to be shielded with a sheet of plastic so that it'd stay intact for a few days (for as long as the non-theory exams lasted) and then at the back we had to attach two pins at so that we could wear the number in front of our shirts (yeah, just like runners or something) so that it'd be easier for the teachers to mark us.

I remember that one time during lab tests, one particular year we had this "knock" system. So we entered the classroom and sat alphabetically by name and try to solve each problem in front of us. When the teacher knocked her long ruler on the table, that meant we had to move to another table beside us - and it went on until everybody had got to each table. I remember being anxious 'coz we had to solve the problems in front of us right before the teacher knocked the ruler.

The year after, though, we had this kind of "ballot" system. So the tables in the lab were numbered and before entering, we had to pick a number. I still remembered that I was SO glad I didn't get any yucky experiments such as dissecting a fish (and having to describe its insides and draw them) or any experiments that had anything to do with cockroaches (yeah, we did also dissect roaches and even house lizards). Cockroaches are my enemies - especially flying roaches. YUCKKKKKK!!!!

Anyway, during the theory exams, they sat us down either with someone a grade below or above us and we had to leave all our bags outside the classroom (or in front of the classroom) and we were only allowed to put our pencil case on top of the table. This was meant to avoid cheating. Pretty harsh, eh? HE HE HE...So during theory exams, they put maps on the doors so we could find our names and our seating places.

Back then we had to buy our own exam sheets and one time when I sat next to a third grader, I ran out of my answer sheet, so reluctantly I had to ask one from him. Good thing he gave it to me without any fuss HE HE HE HE HE HE...I still remember his name even until today. Funny how memories are, don't you think?

Anyway, today I went to the police station to apply for citizenship. We'll see how it goes. I sure hope there'd be no trouble with my passport 'coz the Indo Embassy took my old passport and gave me only a copy of it, but at least the woman in charge wrote it down that my original old passport was held by the Indo Embassy. I sure hope that I can get a decision before next year - before my current residence permit is no longer valid 'coz if I have to wait that long, I have to renew my residence permit and it's going to cost me at least 120 Euros. So keep your fingers crossed, people!!!

I'll be busy tomorrow 'coz I have a morning shift (a change of work schedule) and then in the evening we'll have a small birthday party with Arttu's family in my MIL's place. WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! :-D We may even spend a night there, though I'm not too sure yet he he he he...


  1. There's no possibility that you would be denied a residence permit, right?

    Yes, school definitely does bring back memories. I think the most vivid memories are of sports and being in an interscholastic competition involving giving speeches.

    The tests you were involved sounded very intricate & detailed. That was a lot of creativity on the teacher's part in designing it !

  2. Ohhh!! I remember bringing a heavy typewriter to school too! hahaha and the exams!! oh my...Soooo glad, I'm not in school anymore hahaha =P

    Praying for the citizenship application process! =)