Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Warm and Cool?

My computer has been down due to a broken fan so I'm using R2's computer at the time being and hoping that I can get it running smoothly again soon. Yesterday my friends came over and we had so much fun - we even talked about morbid topics while laughing so much ha ha ha...Can't wait to gather with them again next week. :-D

And guess what? Today I've lived in Finland for FOUR years!!! I'm gonna apply for the citizenship on Thursday. WOOOHOOO!!! I've printed out all the necessary paperwork he he he...

Anyway, I don't want to give the wrong idea that everybody in Finland (or Sodankylä) is "warm". It's kinda hard to say whether a person is warm or not 'coz what's the standard? If I want to compare Indo people and Finnish people here in Sodankylä, then Indo people are "much warmer/friendlier" in many ways - that also means that they're much more nosier than Finnish people.

I mean, in Indo it's very normal to drop by unannounced at somebody else's place and to ask your neighbour where he's been or where he's going to go if you happen to see him coming in or out of his place, but here? At the most we'd only say "hei" to our neighbours and talk about the weather ha ha ha...

However, the "introvert" in me kinda likes the quietness of the Finns. When I still lived in Indo, I was so used to their "warmth" and "friendliness", but now after living in Finland for 4 years, I find that some parts of Indo warmth to be "too much". I just read this Facebook status of an Indo friend who has decided to have only one child and one woman (her yoga student) insisted that one child wouldn't be enough. Duh!!! As if she'd help out pay for the child's education and help take care of the child.

Another Indo friend was once scolded by somebody (maybe a relative) in a wedding party 'coz she said that she wanted to wait before having kids.

Anyhow...before I started working in this current workplace, I did some trainings in different places. In some, I've met "cooler" people who don't smile even when you smile at them - though they do smile every once in a blue moon when the mood strikes. However, I've also met many nice people - though to be honest, there are MANY more nicer older people than the younger ones. The older people seem to be more patient and they take the time to talk to you and support you verbally, whereas the younger ones are OK, but they're not as "warm".

I've also seen and heard about some annoying people so just like anywhere in the world there are nice and not-so-nice people here too. Anyhow...I'm just rambling here in my post hi hi...soon I've to prepare some food for hubby, so gotta go. Hope you've all been doing OK. May angels protect and comfort you all, especially those who are in trouble (such as the people in Japan).


  1. Hehe... I understand what you mean even tho' I've been living in my own country since small, but if it's too much like you said, it can make me feel uneasy especially when I need my own space and time.

  2. O'yeah, all da best in applying for your citizenship. Wow, 4 years, huh... and hope your pc will be fixed soonnn... ;-D

  3. I thought you are busy, Amel :D

    Happy 4 years. This year, I will be 7 years living in here :D Good luck applying your citizenship

  4. Happy 4 yrs and good luck on the citizenship.

  5. Congrats for being able to apply for citizenship!! =)

    Every country has its own "personality", I guess. I mean like you said, in Indonesia people are warmer but nosier too, although as you said too not all are like that. Anyways, it's funny what you've been writing about the Finns because the Finns I know are mostly very reserved and cold, except one girl who is totally crazy and keeps saying she is an Italian at heart. haha...

    I think it's kinda true that in most countries the older people are "warmer". I've noticed that a lot. Maybe because they've walked this life longer and have learned that people need a friendly smile once in a while?

  6. @CMG: THANKS! My PC is OK again. Hubby fixed it up yesterday he he...

    @Jul: Well I was a little busy as well 'coz I had guests on Monday he he...

    @Michelle: THANKS! ;-D

    @Shinta: HA HA HA HA HA...emang soal reserved sih iya, makanya gua heran lewat kerjaan kok nemu banyak yang warm bangettttt...and ada juga yang bawel banget dan dia selalu ngomong ke gua kalo dia bukan typical Finnish he he...jadi I can imagine the crazy Finn girl hi hi...

    And you're probably right about the older people. I TOTALLY LOVE 'em! :-D