Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cabin Trip

ARRGGGHHH!!! So many things to talk about but I can't do it in one post ha ha...anyhow, the romantic getaway Friday was perfect!!! The weather was also perfect (around 0'C though it got to around -6'C during the night). R2 took half an hour off earlier from work (he could do that 'coz he had collected overtime) so we arrived at the cabin area already at around 3.30 pm. The sun was shining though it was cloudy in some parts, too (unlike Saturday where it was cloudy and dark and it snowed during the day). It was really windy, though, but it created a lovely effect on the frozen lake (you can see it in the video clip that I made below).

I had my snow shoes on 'coz I was thinking it'd be tough to walk past the frozen lake with such thick snow beneath me and I was right. R2's legs "sank deeply" in some parts and it was a bit tiring to get back up if that happens again and again 'coz you have to pull your legs up high before you can get out of the hole he he...And I'm glad I had my knee-high boots on so that my jeans stayed dry ha ha ha...

The trouble was that it was SO hard to get water for the sauna from the frozen lake. The lake's water had turned into ice and the ice was already at least 50 cm thick. R2 had a HARD time to drill the hole until he could get water. Here are some pics I took...Note: the huge tracks on the snow were made by my snow shoes. :-D

If you click on the pic to view it bigger, you'll see more clearly how the wind swept away the was like watching some kind of waves on a frozen lake...incredibly lovely...can't describe it...

Ta daaaa...finally could get some water. We needed at least 3 buckets of water for sauna. :-D

Some other pics I took. I'm gonna upload the rest in another post in order not to make this one too long.

At around 10 pm we were already so sleepy. After sauna we listened to the radio while lying down under the blanket in between talks about different topics. VERY relaxing...we went out to brush our teeth and then I saw Northern Lights above me!!! I was wearing my indoor slippers at that time and in my hurry to move to a different spot to get a better look at the Northern Lights, I slipped and fell down HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...But don't worry, I didn't hurt myself he he...

It was my second Northern Lights experience and again there were no other colours but white. At one point the lights moved about in such a way that they formed a HUGE white dove right above my head. It sent shivers down my spine he he he...A DOVE!!! :-D So lovely!!!

We lazed around on Saturday morning and we only left the place at around midday though I had already woken up at around 9.30 due to "nature call" HA HA HA HA...Would love to go to the cabin again someday mmmmmm...


  1. WOW! LOVELY place! Such lovely pictures too. Btw, northern lights di sana teuh putih? Di sini ijo..hehe..No pictures of the northern lights? Oh yach, been meaning to ask you this..itu cabin punya kalian atau punya the city? Di sini juga ada cabin kayak gitu up on the mountain, but it belongs to the city, anyone can use it..tapi pada jarang pake soalnya bener2 di atas gunung..hehe..

  2. @Shinta: Kabin milik keluarga. Di sini banyak orang punya kabin - bukan kabin mewah, tapi kecil2 ajah karena kalo gede2 kan abis wood buat ngangetin (1 ruangan kecil yang berisi sofabed, meja, bangku panjang, fireplace plus sauna plus outdoor toilet).

    Northern Lights yang gua liat kebetulan putih wae, belom pernah liat yang ijo atau warna laen. Suami temen malah pernah liat yang ungu!!! :-D

    Btw, di sini kaga ada gunung2 tinggi he he he...palingan kaya bukit gitu sih emang banyak kabin2 publik (atau pribadi) yang disewain buat turis2 biasanya.

  3. Eh ga sempet foto Northern Lights karena ga bawa tripod HA HA HA HA...

  4. Beautiful views, Amel. But, I don't think I could live there hi hi hi... Too cold :D

  5. I could hear the wind in the video!

  6. @Jul: If you have to, you'll survive - just need to put on a lot of clothes ha ha...It wasn't that cold that day anyway he he...

    @Ting: Yeah, the wind was SO strong, wasn't it? ;-D

  7. Wuah, that's hard to get buckets of water for the sauna during this time, ya. I just love love those views, Amel... So mesmerizing.