Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Great Day at Work

Yesterday I had a great day at work. For some reason it was a rather quiet day - I guess 'coz it was snowy in parts and the wind was pretty strong. The last half an hour was REALLY REALLY quiet.

What was great about yesterday? Here are some reasons:

1. I got to talk to some regular customers. It's nice to "bond" by having chit-chats about this and that.

2. An old woman asked me if I dyed my colour or if it was my natural hair colour. She said, "LOVELLLYYYYY!!!!" HUE HE HE HE HE HE HE...THANK YOU! :-D

Side note: MANY people in Indo dye their hair blonde/red/brunette, whereas I've seen plenty of people here dye their (blonde/brunette) hair BLACK!!! Yeah, go figure!

3. I met the little girl whom I adore (who likes me) with her Dad, but at that time I wasn't at the cashier. He then told me that she wanted to buy something and give me the money herself (she's 2 years old), but 'coz I wasn't at the cashier, he asked me about my work schedule this week. So he said to the daughter, "How about we come on Friday so you can buy some candies from Amelia?" HI HI HI HI HI...

4. Another old woman asked me the usual questions (where I'm from, how long I've stayed here, have I gone back to Indo at all, etc.). When I told her that I hoped to go back to Indo in autumn, she said with a smile, "Go bring a friend here. He or she is VERY welcome!!!"

That's such a NICE thing to say! :-D

When I used a stool to change the price tag on the higher shelf, one regular customer said, "Be careful, don't fall down!" :-D THANKS for caring!

6. A lady (whom I had never met before) asked me the usual questions and she said nice things about my Finnish. I can tell that she's an open-minded people about foreigners living in Finland and it's just nice to meet someone like that. :-D

And today??? One time when I was about to put something on a higher shelf, I had a hard time 'coz the stuff on each side of it was making it hard for me to put it in place, then an old grandpa who was passing by (a regular customer) helped me hold it up so that I could do it more easily and then he joked, "I can reach a little higher than you can!" (he's not that tall, he's only about 10-15 cm taller than me - FYI I'm 145 cm) hi hi hi hi...but I TRULY appreciated his help - AND his sense of humour. :-D

On occasions like these, I feel that there's hope for mankind still, you know? :-D


  1. Finnish sound like REALLY nice and friendly people. We should move to Finland. =P

  2. @Shinta: HA HA HA HA HA...not everybody is that nice...just like in everywhere around the world he he...

  3. Lovely list, Mel! Especially #4 to #6! :)) Gw aja yg baca sampe terharu, koq..apalagi loe yg ngalami langsung yah pastinya. :)
    Mudah2an di kota berikutnya gw bisa ketemu org2 yg kayak gitu. :D hehe..

  4. Lovely lists, Amel. Lovely place to work isn't it.

  5. There are nice people everywhere, you are lucky to be amongst them. :-)

  6. You're right, days like that are refreshing, and they do restore our faith in mankind.

  7. LOL Point number 2…it is interesting how people never seem too happy with their own hair colour or other parts of their lives that appear totally fine…grass always seems greener on the other side…

  8. @Henny: Iya, I HOPE SO TOO, that you'll find nice people out there!!!

    @Jul: Yep. There are tough days, but many days are nice. :-D

    @CMG: Yeah, that's true. :-D

    @Nikki: True, true. :-D

    @LS: Indeed he he he he...ironic, isn't it? :-D

  9. Hi Amel,

    I always think there is hope for mankind, although mankind strives to show me otherwise lol.

    The Finns seem like a warm People: love them already :D.

    Keep up with that contagious joy, gorgeous :D!