Friday, March 04, 2011

Do You Remember Me?

Yesterday at work this guy asked me a personal question after he paid for his groceries. I was surprised 'coz that meant he knew about R2 and me. After answering his question, he then asked, "Do you remember me?"

Okayyyyyy...I'd feel guilty if I PRETENDED that I knew him, but I'd feel guilty even if I said no, but I said no in the end.

He then said that we had met before and that he was R2's cousin. ARRRGGGHHH!!! I DO NOT remember him AT ALL. UNFAIR!!! Some relatives who have known about our marriage would recognize me right away 'coz I'm the only Asian living in Sodankylä, but 'coz we didn't have any wedding party here, I haven't met his many relatives. I've only met the closest ones and those I've met only once or twice would probably remain "faceless" in my head.

About a month ago my MIL's elder sister came over with her daughter. They had never met me before, but the daughter said to me that she had seen me in my workplace and she knew that I was R2's wife, but she didn't want to be all friendly with me 'coz I had never met her. Good thing at that time I brought my camera along, so I snapped a few pics of them - one of the reasons I did that was not only to give the photo prints later to my MIL, but also so that I'd remember her HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

It's "unfair" that I know many customers by face already and they probably know my name 'coz I have to wear a name tag, but I DO NOT know their names!!!!'s kinda frustrating in a way, you know? He he he...It's kinda frustrating 'coz it's a small village and I'll be bound to meet MANY of them whenever I go around downtown.

One other frustrating thing is that sometimes a customer comes over and then he/she comes back again and they'd say, "Hi again! I'm back again" ---> but I DO NOT remember that they've passed by my cashier already that day. Ouch!!! I once watched this crime series on TV and it's said that it's hard for someone from one race to distinguish the facial features of other people from a different race and I have to say that it's true. In the beginning everybody is just like a blur except for a few people who really stand out in the crowd, but now that I've worked there for around 8 months, I remember the faces of the regular ones (though I don't know their names still!).

It also happened to me when I first started helping out at the daycare. In the beginning most of them looked similar to me except for a few of them who stood out, so I had to really concentrate to distinguish them one by one he he...

Anyway, we're going to the cabin today. I'll blog-hop only later. Next week I have a full schedule so I'm gonna be BUUUSSSYYYY...can't wait to be at the cabin. The weather's PERFECT (0'C, probably around 3'C under the sun) and the sun is shining brightly and the sky is blue. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!! Take care, people!!!


  1. I can totally relate!! There are so many of Hans' relatives that I still have only heard about! It is frustrating! *sigh* We'll get there though..somehow..hehehe...

    Have fun at the cabin, darling (I know you will! wink wink haha)

  2. Amel, you have to remember that it's inevitable, that you aren't going to remember people coming to your store. Think about it. You have to pay attention and make sure you are doing a good job as a cashier, and you have to process and have them for their their goods in a timely (not a slow) fashion.
    So, don't feel too bad. It does lead to an awkward situation, but just keep in mind, that as you say, you "stand out" and are easier to remember than most people in your neighborhood. That's just the way it is.

    It speaks well of you that people continue to complement you and enjoy talking to you.