Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Robot Show

Last Saturday while we were at my in-laws' place, we watched a TV program featuring robot industry in Japan. They showed us different types of robots and even those that were built with human-like skin and face. The robot makers said that it was SO hard to make a robot run. It was clear enough from the different types of robots shown in the program that they were still so "stiff" in many ways, though they've managed to create a robot whose "fingers" can grab a straw without ruining it.

What struck me the most about the show was how amazing we are as God's creations. I mean...our sinews, our limbs, our organs...everything was created in such a way that enables us to do so many things with ease (OK, for some people who have health problems, that may not be the case, but I'm talking about a healthy body here).

I mean...humans try to recreate what God has created, but without the "map" that God has given us, they won't even know where to start. So if an entity is able to create us in our entirety without looking at "maps"...PLUS the entity is able to create so many other wonderful creations (just think of the many species of animals and their weapons of self-defence and the heavenly bodies and the many species of trees, etc. etc. etc.), that means the entity is supreme. God is supreme and I found myself more at awe at the wondrous of His creation.

My point is that many times in life, we get so caught up in the mundane current of life that we don't stop to think about the magnificent world we live in.

Btw, weeks ago I saw some white "Light Pillars" in the sky - 5 in a row on the west side and also a few more on the south. It was amazing!!! (click on the link to see what they are) It was a very cold day 'coz I had to walk to work at around 6.30 am. The sky was still dark at the time except for those white pillars. I tried taking some pics with my mobile camera but it was such a basic camera that it failed to take the pics. I didn't know what they were at that time. I was just amazed at them, but I finally found the explanation after browsing about it he he he...

P.S. Additional link: Visualising The Size and Scale of Our World.


  1. Wow, the light pillars are just so wonderful. I agree with you about God's creations about human body... I always wonder about it. :-)

  2. Amen! God is truly beyond our comprehension.

    Gile itu light pillars keren beneerrr...asli deh jadi bener2 pengen ke Finland to see all those things. haha

  3. Yep, the light pillars are really something, eh? ;-D