Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tag: 20 Things About Me

Ummm...I actually don't know if I can come up with so many things in this post but last night I came up with some, so I decided to do it today ha ha...

1. I'm a routine lover. If some events disrupt my routine, I'm not too welcome about them, but at the very least I'll then want to come back to my routine right away.

2. Point #1 means that some people probably think I lead a boring life ha ha ha ha...Why do I say this? 'Coz a close friend's hubby was SHOCKED when he knew that ever since I moved to Finland, R2 and I almost always visit my in-laws every Saturday (unless if something comes up and then we can't go, but if not then we'll always visit them on Sat).

3. I'm a low-energy type of person. I can't be someone who works full-time and then goes out with friends a few nights a week and still wants to go out during the weekend. I love my "me time" and spending quality time with hubby (also 'coz I love routine more than some people).

4. Meeting too many strangers depletes my energy level. I crave "deep" talks with people I know. I crave sharing my thoughts with people I know. So don't ever think of me as someone who loves meeting strangers and going out with them (a close friend of mine is this kind of person) he he....

5. Many of you have probably known this, but I'm a sleepyhead. I LOVE sleeping and I don't find it as a waste of time (I find it as a necessity), 'coz if I lack sleep I become cranky and poor hubby is my victim he he...

6. I'm not a morning person. My energy peaks during the evening and even at nights. Even my Mom said that when I was a baby, I never woke up too early (my bro always woke up earlier than I did).

7. I can't study or concentrate on reading while listening to music (well, on rare occasions I can do it, but the music has to be something I don't know) because it'll only slower the process of digesting my studies/reading material. That said, I also can't sleep while listening to music. I tried it before in the past, but it took me a LONG time to be able to fall asleep.

8. I don't want to live in Indonesia anymore. I'm now too used to the serenity of this little village. I'm used to having no traffic jams and to being able to ride my bike peacefully around downtown.

9. I have never ironed anything ever since I moved to Finland. :-D

10. I'm not a very tidy person when it comes to housekeeping duties, but thankfully R2 doesn't mind that ha ha ha...You can in fact call me a rather lazy housekeeper hi hi...

11. I think I'm pretty good in budgeting and self-discipline when it comes to spending money.

12. I'm not sure anymore if I'm meant to be a parent or if I want to be a parent (as opposed to when we were still trying to have a baby actively). I don't know if this is self-defense mechanism only or if my logic is now stronger than my longing, but at least it's helping me out in suppressing the longing and dealing with the grief.

13. I used to always know what I wanted and I would try to get it, but after moving to Finland and realizing that I had to start again from zero, I don't even know anymore what I want 'coz to get what I want isn't as easy as when I was still living in Indo. In this new country I first had to learn the language and then I have to find out what I want to do. But not knowing what I want is also OK. Life is an adventure and this is my little adventure.

This job that I have right now is probably not my "dream job in Finland", but I know that God allowed me to get it for reasons and I do enjoy it now (in the beginning I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it), so for the time being until I find out what I really want, this job is the best thing that comes my way 'coz through this job I meet so many nice people and I get to practise my Finnish as well as get some income.

14. Coffee activates my brain so much so that if I have a morning shift, I don't dare drink it 'coz then no matter how tired my body is, my brain will be so rampantly active that it'll take hours before I can go to sleep (meaning I'll only fall asleep at around 2 or 3 am).

15. I'm not too fond of wearing dresses (in Indo this was also 'coz it was hot and damp there and I didn't like my sweaty thighs touching each other - yeah, I know, weird, eh?). Here in Sodankylä due to the long winter naturally I prefer wearing pants/jeans compared to a dress, but even so in summer I don't like wearing dresses - I prefer wearing a thin tunic with leggings.

Hmmmhh...I can't think of anything else right now, so I'll just publish this post as is he he...

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  1. Glad to know you better, Amel. I am not using dresses more than 10 years. Although in Jakarta, I prefer wearing pants to go to my work that time :D