Monday, March 21, 2011

Perspective Nudge

Lately I've had this perspective nudge when it comes to this saying: "We should walk a mile in someone else's shoes before we criticize them." Someone criticized me the other day and it angered me. On paper I knew what I had to do, but in reality sometimes you have to be flexible and adjust the theories.

However, after my anger subsided, I realized that I had done the same mistakes myself time and time again with other people - even though I may not have stated my thoughts verbally to those people, but the basic is still the same. I have NOT walked a mile in those people's shoes, so who am I to judge them?

But then again I can't help being "human". All I can do now is just accept that I'm only human and that everybody else is only human with limited POV and try to be more aware of my thoughts. May God help me in dealing with other people.

I find that it's so easy for us to say this and that to others without knowing exactly what they're going through. If we had really walked the mile in their shoes, would we have chosen differently? Maybe yes, maybe no, but we'll never know until we have walked the mile.

P.S. In this post I'm NOT talking about acts that are considered as illegal/sinful such as killing or bullying or stealing or human trafficking or anything of that sort.


  1. no one is perfect, Amel. I'm glad you are not brooding about whatever it was that you were criticized.

  2. SETUJU!!! susah emang to "walk a mile in someone else's shoes", tapi kudu dilakonin yach...betul2 God help us all deh =)

  3. ChicagoWing: Yeah, 'coz I find that it's the lesson I need to learn - we're only humans so I need to accept that about me and everybody else. :-)))

    @Shinta: Yep, yep, yep. :-D

  4. Yep. NO one is perfect in this world that makes us unique :D Just hold with GOD and HE will protect and help us.