Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Usually when I come back home from work after doing my evening shift, hubby would greet me in the entrance or jacket room. Usually he'll be in front of his computer and he'd come through the kitchen to greet me while I'm taking off my jackets.

Last night when I came back home at around 9.20 pm, I took off my jackets and then when I heard R2's computer chair being moved backward (meaning he was about to get up to greet me), I decided to sneak into darkened the living room to make him confused (in my mind he'd come into the entrance through the kitchen). Here's a rough sketch of our house:

While I was taking a few steps into darkened the living room - tiptoeing so as not to make too much sound, I spotted R2 doing the EXACT same thing with a HUGE, NAUGHTY grin on his face. He wanted to scare the soul out of me by doing that, but we caught each other in act HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...It was SO funny to see each other tiptoeing with grins on our faces and a second later when our eyes met in the darkened living room, we realized that our plan was in total failure! We ended up laughing so much, though he he he he he...

Funny to have the same wavelength - but "NOT" funny at the same time ('coz our plans to surprise each other was ruined) hi hi hi...


  1. ahahaha! gile, kebayang deh ekspresi kalian berdua. :D
    seru, Mel..meskipun endingnya gak seru krn gak ada yg kaget. gw baca sampe ketawa sendiri. :P

  2. @Henny: Iya, "sial" banget deh pokoknya caught in the act kaya gitu sembari kocak juga ha ha...

  3. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! Too cute!! loe orang asli yach usil banget..hahaha

  4. CMG: HE HE HE...we're naughty people! :-D

    Shinta: EMBERRRR hi hi hi...

  5. @Ting: It's FUN to live with R2. :-D We also try to have as much fun as possible. :-D