Thursday, March 20, 2008


Before I forgot...First of all:

HAPPY EASTER to everybody who celebrates it! God bless you all!!!!

These past few days have been flooded with blessings. *WIDE SMILE*

First of all, we've got the return tickets to Indonesia. YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

Then I bought something from Huuto.Net (a kind of Finnish ebay). The seller sent it as a package which status I could check online. After days checking the status online, nothing changed. Suspicious, I told Arttu about it and he told me to go to the PO to check it out since the package was supposed to come in two days already. So I went there and they couldn't find it!!!!!!!!!! I contacted the seller (I had to practise my written Finnish as she's Finnish) and told her that I couldn't give her any feedback yet since I hadn't gotten the package yet. She was REALLY nice and she described the packaging she used (starry gift paper).

The PO guy told me to come again the next day and he'd try to find it. I asked Arttu to go there since if they did find it, the package would be 2.1 kgs. When I got back home, the package was there already. I asked Arttu if they had found it already when he got there, but he said he had to describe the packaging before they could find it. Apparently one of the guys who took the package to this PO forgot to register it online when it arrived. I'm SO glad that the seller used a special gift paper so that it was easy for the PO worker to find it HE HE HE HE HE...I'm SO glad the package was found!!!

Then the other day I also went to a new flea market and found a VERY friendly old Finnish guy. He started asking me questions and I could answer his questions. It was good practise even though I couldn't really understand every little word he was saying.

Then yesterday I decided to be brave enough to find myself a training place. As I've said before, after the course is done in June, we need to find a place for us to do some training. Anywhere in the city. At first I was thinking of ask the people in the bookstore, but I realized that the place was SO small and there were THREE people already in it. So I followed my gut feeling and went to a souvenir store instead. I had to practise my Finnish again hi hi hi hi...My heart was beating FAST, you know? But at least I managed to get myself a training place already. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! ;-D

What else? Ummm...oh yeah, this morning I checked my bank account since I had to pay for something online and realized that I got MORE student money than I thought I'd get. GEE...I sent 85% of the money already to my "untouchable" account (only for VERY urgent matters). At this rate, I'm VERY sure I'll soon be able to reach the amount of money before we used that account to buy the plane tickets to Indo. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!!!! I felt like JUMPING up and down this morning, you know? It's SO AMAZING HUE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

I also received an email the other day from the police station that my residence permit would be ready in the beginning of April (had to extend my expired permit). I was beginning to worry a bit since it took MUCH longer than what they first told me. Phew!!! I don't wanna be separated with hubby againnnnn!!!!!!!!!

And today after the course was done, my Thai friend realized that my nose was runny, so she gave me a bottle of Chinese Thai-brand menthol oil to help me out. She's been such a giving person!!! I admire her for that! She even gave each of us an Easter ornament he he he he he...

Last Monday was my mom-in-law's birthday, so I sent her SMS since it was more practical that way he he he...In the SMS, I also told her that we'd go to Indonesia in October and that after that we'd try having a kid. She replied, saying that she also wanted to have another grandkid HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...I found some flower seeds in Lidl the other day, so I bought several packages. I hope she has never grown some of them yet. ;-D

Today I'm baking a cake for mom-in-law and Arttu since today's Arttu's birthday. I'll bring the cake tomorrow to Kelujärvi with us. As usual, it's chocolate cake since I LOVE chocolate HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

So, you know why I chose that title for this post, right? I've met WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL people and I've got more than I need. Plus this weekend is a LONG weekend where I can rest HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO...

Okie dokie, everybody...let's just rest and relax this weekend he he he...


  1. Happy Easter, Amel!!! I will be celebrating it with my in-laws. I'm similar to you insofar as I have wonderful in-laws who I'm comfortable to be around.

  2. wow, you are just busy busy busy!

    what was in that package? i don't think you ever mention...

    happy easter!

  3. Mel, good for you, practise a lot ya! sport jantung gak apa apa.. hehehe.. btw, that bathup graphic is really nice... I love the color.

    See? God loves you and pouring His blessings to you abundantly! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ARRTU!! MAY YOU HAVE MORE SMILE, MORE GIGGLES AND MORE BABIES TO COME!! YAAAAY!!!

  4. Hallos Amel!!

    Just dropping by to say Happy Easter!!

  5. Easter Blessings and...
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARTTU and mom!!!!


  6. Wah a lot of happenings Amel.. and yeay you trip to Jakarta is confirmed!

    Happy belated birthday to Arrtu and your MIL as well!

    Have a great weekend ya!

  7. Happy Easter to you too!


  8. Oh, so many good news! :-)
    Happy birthday to Arttu too!

  9. hey amel.... happy easter :)

  10. Amel, thanks for the update.
    Glad that you found the parcel. Your finnish will be improving very quickly with the constant practising. You are so brave. Happy to know that you are ready for an addition to your couplehood & got tickets to fly back to Indonesia.... all are great news.... YAYAY !! :):)

  11. Vince: GLAD to hear that you go along well with your in-laws, too, Vince! ;-D

    Jay: Yeah, busy indeed he he he...The package consisted of baby clothes HA HA HA HA...I'm buying some used (but good) ones for my brother's baby who's coming in October. I hope I can see the baby then when I'm in Indo. ;-D

    Trinity: Iya, sport jantung teruzzz he he he he...THANKS for the well-wishes, Trin!!! More babies to come indeed, but one by one I hope, not twins HA HA HA HA HA HA...

    WaterLearner: THANKS, Karen!!! ;-D How was your holiday?

    Michelle: THANKS for your well-wishes!!! ;-D

    LadyJava: YEEESSSS...I'm HAPPY to get the tickets already he he he...You too, have a WONDERFUL weekend!

    Lori: THANKSSSS!!! You too! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Yep, don't we all LOVE good news? HE HE HE HE...

    Jeanne: THANKS, Jeanne!!! How was your Easter?

    Janice: Yeah, you're right. Must practise Finnish all the time he he...THANKS for your compliments. ;-D