Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Talk, Amel, Talk!!!

Life has a funny way of giving you the lessons you "try" to avoid ha ha ha...When life's determined to shape you in a certain way or when you're still not learning the same lessons over and over again, then you'll face a similar problem again. And perhaps again.

I've told you that I've found a place to do my training after the course ends in mid June. The problem is that I still have to meet the boss to work on the training contract. And I also need to ask about my working hours and when my lunch break is and stuff like that.

Yesterday I went to the store again to do that, but alas, the boss was talking on the phone and there were some customers there. Plus I saw another guy restocking the place, so they must've been busy. So I went home and decided to go back to the store today.

Today I went there after the course, hoping to find the same woman I talked to last week that told me that I could do the training there. Alas, there was a different person near the counter and I didn't see the boss there. I did talk to her, though, in Finnish. I explained to her about what I wanted to do, and then she replied in a "normal" pace in Finnish, which sounded in my ears like "blrblblrrlkbbbklllrrrbbbllrlrlblblrlblrbbblrrbbbrrlkllkkllllbbbrrr".

So I smiled and asked her politely to say it more slowly. She smiled and decided to change her words into simpler ones (I know it for sure since at first she said SO many sentences!!!). THANK GOD for that hi hi hi hi...I LOVE it when Finnish people try to explain something to foreigners in a simpler way. I TRULY appreciate it!!! She said that today was her first day at work and that I should talk to the boss instead so that everything would be clear. She said that the boss would probably come either the next day or the day after, so I should come back later.

Phew!!! I actually still "dislike" talking to new people in Finnish, since I don't know whether I can understand them or not. I can prepare at home whatever it is I want to ask or say, but I have NO idea whether I can understand what the other person is saying to me or not. I guess my self-confidence is still so low hi hi hi hi hi...Plus I'm not really a people person. I'm getting better at practising Finnish (read: forcing myself to speak), but still I'm not nearly as chatty as people who are born chatty, you know what I mean? *wink* If I don't really have to talk, I prefer still not to talk HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Anyway, speaking of health, I've been doing MUCH better though my nose's still runny and every morning for the past few days I've been able to blow out some YUCKY stuff out of my nose. I described the yucky stuff in detail to Arttu and he asked me, "Do you have to describe it to me?" LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!

Ahem...what can I say? I AM a gross girl sometimes HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...You can ask my closest female friends and they'll all say the same thing hi hi hi hi...

And speaking of MONEY, remember when I said that last week I got more student money than I thought? WRONG!!! It was actually the accumulation of unemployment money. You see, I didn't know that I could have applied for unemployment money since I had NEVER worked in Finland. When I applied for the student money right before the course started, the government sent me so much paperwork to fill and they asked me to explain why I hadn't applied for unemployment money when I first moved to Finland.

Today I received the notification from them, stating that I was actually eligible to get unemployment money starting from last June, but since my application came so late, they only paid me unemployment money starting from last December.

So the money they sent me last week wasn't my student money. I'm REALLY HAPPY to get that extra sum of money, though, since I didn't even expect it!!! Every cent of it goes RIGHT into my "untouchable" account HUE HE HE HE HE HE HE...Pretty soon I'll be able to get back the amount of money I want to keep safely in that account. HALLELUJAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Okie dokie, I think I may exercise right now so that tomorrow morning I don't have to wake up too early he he he...I tried to take a nap, but unfortunately sleep didn't come over me, so better make the most of the time then he he...I'll blog-hop again either tonight or tomorrow, OK?


  1. That's funny you are not chatty, as through your blog I think you are very chatty. I'm a chatty sort, but shy with new people at times. Moving to New York generally beat the shyness out of me though ;-)

  2. Hey what are you up too? Is it cool ther. It is starting to get hot here I playing tenni this year 2 day befor spring break!!!!!!!!!HA HA HA HA

    LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Finland is so good. Gov gives out unemployment money. How I wish we had that over here too. Is the sum a yearly token or a monthly event..... awwww... so good :)

  4. Ahh... Got more extra money then. That's great!!! :)

  5. I think most people when learning a new language finds it real scary to use it in real world, not only you!

    PS. You're DEFINITELY chatty (methinks chatty has nothing to do with being ppl person ; - eh, chatty = cerewet hehehh..). I remember back in the days, if we haven't called for several days (phone bills!!), you'd increase your talking spead to cram as much stories in the shortest time possible, hahahhh.. Me and Piot and I think Jul used to be in awe of how fast you'd talk then hihihi... (and you thought we were the chatty ones ;))

  6. Hi Amel

    I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. Talking in a foreign language is the hardest part of learning a new language, I think. When you read and write you have time to think.

    I'm sure you'll do just great and I'm betting you'll make lots of new friends too.

    We move house next week, Thursday 3rd and we should have no internet for 10 to 12 days. If I miss any good blog posts or exciting news during the middle of April... you'd better let me know! :-)

  7. Eh, maksud gua, you're already doing really really super good in making yourself practice the language, talking and writing, I really admire your will hehehe... I'm sure if you were in my place, you'd already be writing novels in Dutch, haha!
    You rock girl!!
    BTW, tuh foto si Darren di fs Jul bikin pengen gigiiiitttt!! Tapi ga tega nulisnya hihiiii...(bisi ga dikasih ketemu ntar ama Piot :P)

  8. Hey Amel,

    I reiterate your title "Talk Amel Talk!" order to practice any language you must talk, converse with people, listen to news in Finnish, listen to music etc... :D! But I am sure you will be just fine in no time :).

    It is good to know that you are doing much better, darling! About describing things: I know someone who is just like you lol, and people ask her the exact same thing that Arttu asked you LOL ;)!

    Congrats on your extra-money!! :)


  9. Fish: Well, with some people I can be chatty, but I'm not the type of person who talks to strangers if I don't need to he he he...Moving to Finland has made me more chatty, as well, but still I don't think I'm as chatty as some people he he...

    Kelcey: Tennis? I've never played it before, but GOOD to hear you've been having fun, girl!!! Love ya too! ;-D

    Janice: Well, every country has its own positive and negatives he he he...

    Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, it's REALLY a blessing! ;-D

    Fei: Yeah, I know, but I'm MUCH LESS chattier than my Brit friend MC HEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEEE...MC, if you're reading this, this is a COMPLIMENT!!! :-)))))

    Of course I'm chatty with you and the girls since I've known you girls for years and years and years he he he...

    Michelle: Yeah, talking is definitely the hardest of all. I can tackle the grammar much easier when I have to write it down or read it...but speak it? HA HA HA HA HA HA...It takes MUCH longer for the brain to learn to compose sentences quickly. ;-D

    Yep, if I write something important, I'll definitely let you know. Don't you worry, M! GOOD LUCK moving and take care...

    Fei: Writing novels?!?!?! LOL LOL!!! I haven't got the determination, girl he he he...otherwise I'd have already tried writing one in English HA HA HA HA HA...

    Iya, gua udah liat foto Darren hi hi hi hi...gemes pisan yah! ;-D

    Max: Yeah, you're right...but still I find it hard to force myself to talk sometimes he he he...

    LOL LOL LOL!!! You've got so many different types of friend, so you're bound to meet someone who has similar characteristics (or habits) as me HI HI HI HI...

    THANKSSSS, Girl!!! ;-D

  10. You can tell much here in your blog, i never think that you're not a chatty person hehehe :)