Saturday, March 08, 2008

Flight Attendant School

When I was at the university, one of my friends quit school to be a flight attendant. She was a tall girl for an Asian, so no wonder she was accepted into that school. Are you looking for a flight attendant career? Maybe you'd like to travel the world and get paid for doing it? If so, I've found a flight attendant school website.

International Air and Hospitality Academy, whose main campus is in Vancouver, provides different types of training programs, including airline specialist, airline reservation and airport services, hospitality management, and many more. They are dedicated to helping you be totally prepared in the workplace. You can read the list of graduates from the academy who've been hired and their testimonies. Other than that, they also provides links to scholarship for High School graduates who need help in financing their studies.

And if you want to read other people's stories about being flight attendants, here's a link to a flight attendant blog.
I must say that it did cross my mind once to be a flight attendant, but then again I knew it was impossible for me since I'm too short. Oh well...but for those of you who are really interested in being a flight attendant, don't forget to check out the site as it has plenty more information that you should check out!

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