Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today after the course I went back to the store, hoping that I'd meet the boss so that I could ask for the training contract. The boss was there, but there were 2 customers, so I waited a while. However, not long after that, the woman I talked to the first time (who said I could do the training there) came into the store and she recognized me right away HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...So I talked to her about the papers I needed from them and I told her that they didn't have to hurry since I could always go back there later. She asked me to come back tomorrow, so I guess tomorrow I'll get the contract from them. YIPPPPIIIEEE!!!

My task isn't done yet, though. I still need to ask the signature of the boss of the firm who organizes this course and then sign the contract myself, then make some copies for me, the boss of the store, and the boss of the firm who organizes the course. But still it feels great to know I've secured a place there, since today my teacher helped another student ask a store manager (a different store) whether he could do the training there, but the store manager said that the place was booked already.

Now I also want to explain something about my previous post: about my not being as chatty as (some) other people.

Well, basically speaking, it depends on the other person, as well. With some people I tend to be able to be MORE chatty, but some people draw my silence out he he he...I can be chatty when I've known someone, but I'm not someone who'll chat people up in bars or any means of transportation. My MOM is someone who was born chatty. She will chat up with ANYONE she meets, such as public transport drivers or passengers or whomever she meets.

I can be especially chatty when I've known someone and we're talking one-on-one. BUT if I'm in a big group of MANY CHATTY PEOPLE, I can't seem to bring myself to be the chattier (chattiest) one. Those chatty people drown my voice out. I've found this to be particularly true when I'm among my ex university friends. Most of them are REALLY chatty he he he he he he he he...

And why did I say I'm not chatty? Because I'm no good at breaking the ice. If someone else does it, then I'll be SO HAPPY HA HA HA HA HA...but if I'm with a very shy and quiet person, then I'll be as confused as that other person on how to break the ice hi hi hi hi...

OK, this post is winding enough. I need to boil some potatoes now!!! I'll blog-hop again a bit tomorrow. Sorry I haven't been able to visit many people every day, since I need to focus more on my upcoming exam. After the exam, I'll be able to spend more time blog-hopping (I think).

Take care, everybody!!!


  1. Hey .. Good Luck on your contract ok! I will cross my fingers for you.

    Happy friday!

  2. yaaaayyy....!!!! you got your contract!!! Good for you!!
    Huehehehehhh...I agree that the term chatty can mean a lot of things :D. My opa can talk up ANYONE at ANYTIME and ANYPLACE (amazing - esp. since he does it so elegantly!), but in a group of people, he's not that chatty - at home he's also more quite. Then one of my colleague, once he gets your attention, can talk forever and ever about just any topic, but he doesn't start a conversation that often (unless in a group of friend of course).
    So what I meant with Mel = chatty is more like Mel has lots to say :) (thank God for blogs!! :D). I think with the speed your thinking (not to mention your LOVE of thinking :D), it's no wonder at all that you have a lot to say, huehehehh....
    But I agree that your univ girls are definitely one mad bunch, haha!

  3. I understand what you mean about not being real "chatty". I am not either. But using that word makes me think about a doll I had when I was a child. Her name was Chatty Cathy.

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  5. Waterlearner: THANKS A LOT, Buddy! Got it today HUE HE HE HE HE...I'm SO pleased! ;-D

    Fei: THANKKKSSSS, Girl!!! Yeah, my Mom does it so elegantly herself, just like your opa he he he he...

    AMEN to blogs indeed! ;-D Funny thing was that years and years back someone found my poetry pages and she suggested that it'd be wonderful if I started blogging. BUT at that time I didn't understand what she meant. Blogging was such a foreign word to me then...but now I know that she was DEAD right HE HE HE HE HE...

    And my ex uni girls are really something, aren't they? LOL LOL LOL!!!

    Kathy: had a doll named Chatty Chatty? That's interesting. ;-D

  6. Congrats for the contract Amel, God is good!! Btw, I think God send you to the 'ice' town so you can practise how to 'break the ice' more often! Muahahahaha...

    your chatty, chattier and chattiest post make my brain full of chats! kekekekee

    Don't forget to come over my blog today and see what happen in Bandung this afternoon!

  7. Trinity: THANKS and yes, God is good he he he he...

    LOLLLLLL on the joke about "breaking the ice" HA HA HA HA HA HA...

    I came over your blog already just now he I need to study!!!