Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Topsy Turvy

Sorry I haven't been around. I've been VERY VERY tired. I think there's some kind of bug going on since today some of us suffer from a headache. Ugh!!! I think I'm going to ask Arttu to coin me again today to make sure I'll be fit tomorrow. I just don't feel 100% myself today, though this morning I felt perfectly fine, but after lunch break it was just horrible. Even our teacher's got a headache today!!!

Anyway, today we received news from our teacher that the course would be continued still, even though the French girl left the class. You see, yesterday we were worried that the course would stop since we once heard that there should be at least 8 students in order for the course to be opened. Phew!!! Yesterday I was a bit sad since if the course stopped, that meant that I wouldn't have enough money to buy the plane ticket. Well, I'd have enough, but that meant that I wouldn't have any spare money to use in Indonesia and that wouldn't be good, right?

And we still don't know if the course is going to continue until the end, since the Swedish guy in our class is waiting for the mine to open again here. He used to work in a mine until it closed down, but there's news already that the mine is going to open again in April or May. If he stops going to our course and works at the mine again, MAYBE the course will stop, but by then, I'll get enough student money to buy a plane ticket to Indo. Phew!!!

Another thing we have to do soon is to find ourselves a training place. Gee...I thought that they'd assign us to do our training somewhere, but now we have to find it ourselves??? We'll see if my husband can help in that area...hmmmm...I'm really not confident enough to ask around to know if they'll accept me as a trainee, you know? HE HE HE HE HE...

And today our teacher also told us about a national Finnish proficiency exam that would be held NEXT MONTH. If we want to take the test for free, then we should take it during this course. It sounds a bit "silly" to be honest, since we'll have only been learning it for 2.5 months during this course when the exam is held on April 12th, 2008. However, since it's for free, then why not find out how far we'll have gone by then, right? The actual exam fee is around €125 €77.

THAT meant that we'll all have to try and practise MUCH MUCH more. I must say that this is really making me a bit stressful since we're taking the intermediate test as per our teacher's recommendation. If I pass it, it'll make me VERY HAPPY since in 3 years, I can apply for a citizenship without having to take the test again. However, if I fail, at least I know what the exam is all about. I just have to make sure that I don't push myself too much to get good grades and just relax.

This kind of exam reminds me of the free exam that our faculty paid for us on our last semester at the university. It was a grueling affair, taking hours and hours. And we had to do a separate speaking session at TBI (The British Institute) where we were paired up and we had to go into a room where we were asked to do different types on conversations based on pictures or questions. In the room there were one native speaker and one TBI teacher taking notes about our conversation and our conversation was recorded on tape.

I guess that the national Finnish test would be more or less the same (reading comprehension, listening comprehension, grammar, writing, and speaking). The only difference is that we'll only speak to a microphone instead of having to speak with a partner in front of a native speaker.

We'll see how it goes then. That means that I'll probably not be able to blog-hop too much during weekdays, since I'll really focus on learning more Finnish and memorizing more words and reading more Finnish texts until the exam is done. So pardon my absence, okay? I'll try to blog-hop during the weekend, though. Take care, everybody!!!


  1. Hello, sorry I have not been around. I have been so busy. I am happy to read that you are still going to have your class. Have A great day. :)

  2. i hope that your course wouldn't be stopped....

  3. Good luck with the course!

    I hope you feel better tomorrow.


  4. Go for the test anyway. Work extra hard for a month and you'll see results. All the best. Hope your headache goes away...I know how horrible one feels when we're not well.

  5. Hi, Amel! I hope you are feeling better now... Sorry to hear about the course. Hope it will still resume as normal because I know how much it meant for you and maybe the others. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you guys will be able to find a training place. It's quite understandable that you are busy preparing for the exams, so, no worries, buddy!! Take care and stay healthy!! Cheers!!! :)

  6. Good luck with the test! :)

  7. Good luck with the test and I hope that you are feeling better today!

  8. Me too...that your course still continue until the end. Better you prepare yourself for test, Amel. Good luck.

    I'm little bit stress right now. because i must check in online. I never check in online before. And makes me stress. very stress. I think i will wait until Raymond back home :D

  9. Sindi: No worries. THANKS for your support! ;-D

    Jeanne: Yeah, me too he he he...

    Michelle: Yep, GLADLY I've felt better today though I had to skip my Taebo session this morning so that I could sleep longer he he...

    Blur: Yes, I will! ;-D I'll just do the best I can do and leave the rest to the test examiner and accept the result no matter what. ;-D Yep, my headache's gone now, THANK GOD! ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Yes, THANKS, I'm MUCH better now. ;-D And we'll see about the course. THANKS for your support, Buddy! ;-D

    Jenny: THANKSSSS for your support! ;-D

    La delirante: THANKSSS for the well-wishes and yes, I'm feeling fine today. ;-D

    Juliana: THANKS! GOOD LUCK in preparing to go to Indo. I understand that it's stressful. ;-D

  10. nice diary you have here...saw your link in "Big Bang" so i cared for a visit..see you around..

  11. Pamps: THANKS SO MUCH for your visit!!! :-)))