Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Value of Closed Doors

The first time this concept was brought to me like a huge WHAM in front of my face was a few years ago. Recently a friend of mine is learning this concept herself. She found a closed door and she's trusting God and thanking Him for this closed door. She knows that God knows what's best for her, even though it's difficult to understand why.

Her email reminded me of the value of closed doors. How many times are we grateful for closed doors? Probably MUCH less often than our gratefulness towards open doors, since we rarely understand the value of closed doors. Even if we do come to that understanding, it usually comes much later.

I remember that after September 11th, there were many TV shows concerning that incident and I remember that some of them couldn't go to work on time due to some problems (a flat tyre, a sick child). That day they would have probably cursed the "problems" they had that made them unable to go to work on time, but I can imagine their gratefulness once they found out that it was actually a blessing in disguise.

I realize that sometimes we try SO hard to open doors ourselves and sometimes we even try to open one particular closed door over and over again with all our might without realizing that it might be best to leave it there and then.

But anyway, we live, we learn. Mistakes don't make us. We are not our mistakes. :-))))


  1. Hello Amelia,

    Closed doors can actually be a blessing, and many times people don't even realise it; cause they are so used to see "bad" events as a negative thing (when most of the times it is a positive growth tool).

    When doors close we should turn to God and ask Him to help us, and show Him that our faith is stronger than ever :D!

    This was an interesting post! I hope all is well with you and yours :)!


  2. Very true, Amel.

    Every time I look back I can see the "why" so clearly. Why the door was shut or why it opened. Now if only I could remember that in the present when I feel doubt or worry!

  3. Mel, very good post again! Hm..this close door reminds me to Noah ark, if God has closed the door, no one can open it! But, if God opens the door, no one can close it as well... just trust Him and all His good intention for us... Always look at Him, not the doors in front of us, because He is the one who lead our way!

  4. Max: You're right. When doors close we should turn to God right away he he he...And if our faith falters in the way, we can always ask Him to strengthen us. :-)))

    I've been doing WELL, thanks, Buddy! ;-D

    Michelle: HE HE HE...I know what you mean. Well, I prefer to view doubts and worry as a way to get us closer to Him, a way to sharpen our faith. ;-D Without situations that test our faith, we'll never know how far we've gone or we may forget how much we need Him. ;-D

    Trinity: Glad you enjoyed it, Trin. Yep, you're SO right about His open doors. Once He opens them, nobody can close them. ;-D

    And yes, let's all keep on focusing on Him instead of the many doors in front of us that may be misleading. ;-D THANKS for the reminder! ;-D

  5. I liked this post. It is so true, we look so long and hard at the closed door that we do not see the one that is opening. It seems easier to hold on to pain (familiarity) than to look for happiness (unknownI just stopped by to remind you to re-post the updated Big Bang list. The list is over 650 sites and I think we have a real shot at hitting 1,000.


  6. A thought provoking post. I like it.

    Next time I come across a closed door I shall remember those words from Helen Keller.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. MMP: Hi, Mel! Glad you enjoyed this post and THX for the reminder. I've been busy so I can't update every two or three days, but I'll try to update the list every week, OK? ;-D

    The World According to Me: Glad you liked it. ;-D You too, enjoy your weekend! ;-D

    Lori: Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you've had a blessed weekend! ;-D