Saturday, March 08, 2008

My First Bouquet of Flowers!!!

Yesterday our teacher didn't come to our classroom since she still had to be examined by the doctor, but we came there still to do the exercises ourselves. It was pretty interesting since there were some numbers which we didn't know for sure the answers, so there had been interesting debates. At one point I called Arttu to ask him some of the answers to make sure that we got the right ones HA HA HA HA...

Anyway, during coffee break, my Brit friend MC went to the nearest supermarket to buy something and she came back with a bouquet of flowers. She said she couldn't resist buying them since she knew I had never received any before in my life.

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH for your kindness, MC!!! I REALLY appreciate it.

I was rather afraid that the flowers would die on the way home since I had no plastic bag to carry them and I had to walk home and it must've been pretty cold for the flowers then (around -7'C) he he he...

Funny thing was that last Christmas my mother-in-law also gave us a flower vase along with some other gifts, so this is the first time I'm using that vase HE HE HE HE...

Here are some pics of the flowers.

I took the last picture today, when the flowers have begun to bloom he he...

I still have so many things to tell, but right now I'm too tired again. Hubby hasn't been feeling 100% well for the past few days, so I'd better rest a lot so that I won't catch his bugs he he he...I'll blog-hop later in the evening or tomorrow, OK? Hope you've had a BLESSED weekend!


  1. Beautiful flowers and pictures. They are a pleasure to look at.
    How kind of your friend!

    Hope you are having a happy weekend.

  2. The roses are beautiful! You have a very nice friend!

  3. Lovely roses! So sweet of MC. :)

  4. Lovely flowers Amel, that was so sweet of your friend

  5. what beautiful flowers.... happy weekend amel...:)

  6. Amel...

    I hope that they will be the first of many!
    It was an honour to be the first to give you flowers!

    Glad that you enjoyed them so much...

    Love Michelle x

  7. Well done Amel. I never try to have a vase in my house at this time. I think it will survive only for few hours before the kids start to break it. Have a nice weekend.

  8. Wowww... so lovely Amel! You are a very sweet person, that your friend couldn't resist to love you!! *hugs*

  9. So beautiful! Your friend's so sweet!

  10. You know, your cheerfulness always amazed me. I just don't know how you can always keep up being so cheerful. I think you must have found the secret to happiness or something. Please tell me :D

    Or is it just the result of having a really good husband?

    Keep up the happiness Amel ^_^

  11. Oh beautiful flowers Amel.. and so thoughtful of MC...

    I hope your hubby is feeling much better today ya :)

  12. Hi again, everybody!!! Yeah, MC's so thoughtful he he he...;-D

    Nyumix: I understand your problem since you have small kids at home he he...but maybe later on you can have a vase at home. ;-D

    Shan: The secret of being happy? Hmmm...I'll write about being happy in another post, OK? He he he he...;-D

  13. Stacy: Yeah, and they're still blooming even now HE HE HE...;-D